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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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White People Think One Black Person's Success Proves Racism Is Over

Rebecca Hiscott
Posted 06/10/2015

As the votes were tallied for the 2008 presidential election, conservative pundit William Bennett weighed in on the election's significance. “I’ll tell you one thing it means, as a former secretary of education,” Bennett said on CNN. “You don’t take any excuses anymore from anybody who says, ‘The deck is stacked.'”

Bennett, who is white, suggested that if Barack Obama could become president, so could any black man. Implicit in the argument was that systemic racial discrimination was no longer keeping black men and women from success.

Bennett is far from alone in arguing that a single black American's success is proof that impenetrable racial barriers no longer exist. In fact, it's a common view, according to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The study authors, Clayton R. Critcher, assistant professor at University of California Berkeley, and Jane L. Risen, associate professor at the University of Chicago, found that exposure to a single African-American in a high-performing position -- any position outside stereotypical jobs in which blacks “traditionally” excel -- is enough to make whites more likely to deny the existence of systemic racism.

Hidden Racial Anxiety in an Age of Waning Racism

Even as they quickly condemn the likes of Donald Sterling, surveys reveal whites have serious misgivings about a more diverse nation.

ROBERT P. JONES MAY 12 2014, 8:00 AM ET

Molly Riley/Reuters
Typically, April showers bring May flowers. This year, however, April also delivered a torrent of racially charged issues to the national stage. In Michigan, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ban on university-admissions programs that use race as a criterion in college admissions. Clippers owner Donald Sterling ignited a firestorm when a recording surfaced in which he asked his mixed-race girlfriend not to post photos of herself with black people on Instagram or bring black people to NBA games. Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy garnered support from Senator Rand Paul and other prominent conservatives in the wake of his standoff with the federal government over cattle grazing rights. But most supporters hurried to distance themselves from Bundy when he offered these stunning remarks at a news conference:

I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro …. They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy?


Editing to add link to the study:http://publicreligion.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/2013-Immigration-Report-Layout-For-Web1.pdf


1. Schools should be free up to an AA or technical degree. Free Jr. College.
2. Punishment for not violent drug crimes should be and education trade training program and Caltrans ( work program, community service) a small fine to cover court costs, and probation.
3. Voting rights returned as soon as released from jails
4. Better housing programs and end the welfare reform ( it targets the poor)
5. Cash payments for welfare increased to 1500 a month and a minimum wage of 18 per hour.
6. Amnesty for undocumented people and free programs to help new citizens assimilate.
7. Increase of at least 100 percent in funding housing and food programs.
8. Free lunch to all students up to 18 years of age
9. More music education for students
10. Mandatory bilingual education all students must learn a second language
11. End profiling and the suing of departments that engage in it.
12. Review of all criminal cases to find sentence disparities and the lowering of sentences for those who have been violated by the system and reparation made to the victims of profiling
13. Veteran housing
14. More accessible senior housing and assistance for the disabled
15. Wage reviews to determine if pay disparities are occurring. If they are payments must be made by employers to the employees they shafted.
16. Taxes on incomes of more that one million at 50 percent, more that a billion at 80 percent . No one gets a billion dollars that fast with out being a crook.
17. Capital gains tax rise and a transaction tax.
18. Give back the native americans 20 percent of the land available and owned by the government for their use and control. There should be a contiguous mass so they can have a sovereign nation or it should be negotiated with the tribes.
19. Reparations to Blacks and natives in the form of cash payments, and any hispanics that were discriminated and a review of reparations to asian american to see if the were repaid in full plus interest.
20. Review of death row inmates and new trials should be easier to get.
21. No more all white juries judging minorities. They have shown bias many many times and innocent black men were murdered by the state for crimes they did not commit. ( everyone should get a review since we don't know what the fuck we are doing)
22. End the drug war and put in place centers for user to purchase their drugs from a pharmacist. They must be combined with in patient and out patient rehabilitation centers, with a sober living component in town. Must watch a film on the dangers before you are prescribed meds and must have a purchase limit. ( some substances should remain banned, some should be regulated)

I have much more but i thought this was getting long.

You said it!!

You know what? The responses i have gotten lately have surprised me quite a bit, i really don't think anything i have said is controversial or not common knowledge. I mean, if i say the words white people together in a sentence i seem to get angry responses from the same people who never get upset when someone makes generalized statements about black people. I have really been finding that strange and a bit amusing. Imagine if those same folks were Black and had to hear the shit we hear all the time about Black people. Good god, the crying that would ensue would make enough tears to fill the Grand Canyon. Do they not realize that we go through hearing whats wrong with Black families, and Black youth, and black fathers, and black crime?

I think i need to write an article a week on White crime and White failings just to ease them into everyone else's reality. Help the more sensitive ones develop my Rhinoceros skin.

In 45 years from now......

There will no longer be an America that is a white majority nation. I was born at the perfect time to see this nation finally become a majority minority nation. Demographic do not lie, they tell the tale of what is to come. We need to build on what we have now and make it better for those that will come behind us. There will be no conservative revolution coming to save the republican party from being relegated to the dustbin of history. No southern strategy will increase their numbers, no Reagan democrats to vote against their own interests to harm 'Welfare Queens' that never existed, a 'white hands' ad will not get them votes, and screaming about 'Crack baby future Criminals in training' will make them look like the racist assholes they are.

There's a political storm a brewing, and every year more democrats are born, the middle class has shrunk, and we do not realize yet that we have hit rock bottom. If you fear that a majority minority nation will allow some old white billionaires to keep all of the power and continue to disenfranchise brown people, i hope you live long enough to see that your 'Dream of Spring' come to fruition. Please, stay healthy, stay alive, because we are going to rock their world in about ten sweet years, when my kids are grown and half the nation is brown. You will be overjoyed.

And once we have the power, we will vote ourselves and you a right good part of that wall-street money to pay ourselves back for the Great Financial Catastrophe they caused. And the republicans will go the way of the whigs and a new left will be born. I have great intuition for things and you guys just did not have the numbers to do what you wanted to do. You needed us to be born and grow up. And here we are. And there are a whole lot of Millennials, and we are procreating like crazy.


How about i just link to a few threads?

I agree.

If i can handle the way the black community gets trashed by America, i think they are strong enough to read it and if it doesn't apply let it fly. I deal with hearing black youth horror stories and hearing white politicians look down on our communities since birth and i have survived and i thrive.
It is painful for me and may be painful for you to read, but this is how a young black woman with a bit of intelligence see's the political landscape of our time.

When we speak out people get upset at our words and their guilty feelings and refuse to see the truth in our statements. We get ignored, told to pipe down, and are redirected to issues that are not the issues that we want to work on. What we say does not count, it gets us rejected and shut down.

I can see that this upsets you.

I feel the same way every time a member posts black on black crime stats and black on white crime stats without even thinking about posting the white on white stats or the white on black stats. And when i was called the worst racist on DU in a pm. And the Asian privilege thread. And the he's not white he's half asian thing. And when a poster used the n word and i asked him what it meant and i got alerted on. The gefilte fish post. The chicken threads. The piece of shit thing, turds and shit is a term used by racists to denigrate blacks, i know that for sure, i went to a majority white HS for three years and i got called that in gym class by a neonazi kid everyday until i snapped on him. Poor guy will probably have breathing problems for ever. Yes. I feel like a winner.

You should read the whole thing.

He said 'once us old guys are gone', so i repeated it and continued with my line of thought.

The new majority as i see it will be, women, single parents, minorities, and LGBT, the older population skews more white and less liberal in their social views and voting patterns. 5,4,3,2 their time is up. It's a song by Jade from the nineties.

Yes. I do think old males are the problem. Yes. Definitely. Older (white)males are more conservative (vote republican-older black males and hispanic males are quite conservative socially but vote liberal)than my generation, Millennials, and vote to keep the power in the hands of the few. Younger white males and females vote more Democratic but not as much as minorities and single white mothers. They are a part of the solution. So are we, the minorities that get ignored and the women who are called screeching feminists. As a black woman here, i have been told by a fellow liberal to 'go watch real housewives of Atlanta', you know, the 'Black' real Housewives. I have also been told that Black Men leave their families and Black women have too many kids and don't know how to use birth control. The first post got deleted but you can find it in my thread in AA called 'you can say anything you want about black people and get way with it'. The second stood a jury and one of the jurors said i should refute it instead of alerting. An all black jury would have seen the racism in that post, but our jury thinks that kinda post belongs on a democratic site. See what i mean.

Older liberals have been waiting for a big block of liberals to come into the party and change the game. We have arrived. And we do not feel wanted and are concerned by the shutting down of conversation about the issues that matter to us in favor of all day every day Obama criticism. The new big block of voters consist of democrats who like the President and are democrats because of him. So am I. I was not even interested until him because i knew my vote did not count for shit in America. Maybe it still doesn't unless i vote for who the 'real' democrats choose. Or i bash Obama.

Now, you have the right to criticize all day every day if you want to, but it's getting quite difficult to tell the difference between an angry old liberal and an angry old republican. You all sound just alike and i read talking points on Red State and them come to DU and read the same thing here. Cannot tell y'all apart by your words, the only difference i can see is the D.
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