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This kinda stuff is why I made stopping Bernie one of my goals of the year.

I love going back and reminding myself why I support Hillary. Look at how everybody jumped on this lady about her religion! Tsk tsk tsk! Until the end of Jim Crow, all we HAD was the church. To congregate, and they still found us there. Laxk of understanding of black history. Google what I jus told you about blacks and church and see if I'm wrong. Radical Christians are like MLK and Reverend Wright, not like whatever fundies you thinking about.
When I saw so many normal folks jump on the anti BLM thing? Uh unh. Y'all were wrong in what you did here. And you know it.

Black people are the real fighters in word and deed. We fight it everyday all day, no vacations.

Everyone else that supports our cause are appreciated but they are NOT more of fighters of racism than our children who fight it daily, in school, and in society. It's almost like more credit is given to whites who fight than the blacks who started the movement, fought for years and generations, live though racial violence, like John Lewis, and can never leave their skin and go off to a nice white place to live for forty years as a white person. All they have to do to get more credit than the people who fought daily for years, at extreme personal risk,is to have a good naacp score and a photo of them marching or signing up voters down south.

Here are a few. Read the replies.


This one is special:

The replies to this op:http://www.democraticunderground.com/10026999627

Click the link on this op and you will see it was retracted, but it got full throated approval:

This one accusing BLM of trying to wage WAR one white liberals. : http://www.democraticunderground.com/1251503212

Attacking BLM protestor for her HIGH SCHOOL BACKPACK BUTTON.: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10027060303


They expressed hostility for months. They still call us uninformed voters and express outrage at our

decision not to support Bernie. Just because they see it as nothing does not mean that black people who were targeted or support BLM see it as nothing. Just because you think it is stupid to vote based off of how you are treated by a group rather than pure policy does not make it so. Just because you think you are smarter, does not make it so. It is not just on the internet. I know for fact they send letters. I got one in my mailbox. Some people are so sure that they are right that they do not care how they behave in their quest to get what they want. Many have not shown that they are allies of Blacks that I have seen in this entire cycle. From expressing support for comments by Cornel West, comments like calling Obama 'niggerized', to calling the black community uninformed, labeling us as SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS in a derisive way, harassing our protestors like BLM, harassing John Lewis for endorsing Hillary, creating terms like race nagger to attack us with, and then pretending nothing is wrong with it, WITH ANY OF IT, I just do not see that as our ally. Now those same loud few are just accusing us of pulling the race card whenever we point out this foul behaiviour. The rest ignore it mostly and expect us to fight their peers alone wile they get to be innocent. How is that an ally, again? An ally would tell their fellow supporters to stfu if they get out of line and weed out the bad actors and point out the trolls themselves rather than expecting an oppressed minority to ignore even MORE RACIST crap, to favor their candidate.

I am black.

I do not like the attitude towards black people from quite a few among his support. It makes me fear they get are doing what he wants them to do or that he doesn't notice, or that he does not care. If you comment on it as a black person, they will one by one, call you names like race nagger, race baiter, or accuse you of using the race card. I do not care if it is only ten percent of his fans, that is a hostile environment for blacks and we should not be subjected to ANY racial bigotry from the left. I saw quite a bit of racism towards BLM. I saw liberal white folks go after the religious views (i am an atheist) of that Seattle protestor. Their lack of understanding of the history of religion in the black community and their attempts to tear her down were pure ignorance. I will not remain in any such group. The reason I push so hard against Sanders even though I agree with him on policy is because he knows how we are being treated and he SAYS NOTHING. Fighting for us? He won't even tell his supporters to stop harassing us. What the heck is he going to do in office when there are racial issues? Ignore them just like he is doing in this campaign? I hope not.
One by one I have family members hit me up about who to vote for. I send them straight here and have them read the posts during the BLM thing from netroots and the one from Seattle. They find the blatant racism and privilege shocking. I judged the Tea Party by their fans, Republicans, Hillary08, and Bernie too, nobody gets a pass, but between Hillary and Bernie? This cycle her supporters are the ones defending black folks, fighting sexism, fighting bigotry, taking their cues from HER, his are fighting the oligarchy, the banks, and us.

Only vote for spening on the pull out. It would be symbolic because it would still pass.

But at least then you could say you were against funding the war. But if you vote to fund Iraq, then vote to authorize Afganistan, and pump a trillion into the MIC, it's kinda hard to play the role of the Peace Candidate. Kinda hypocritical, even.

She did nothing wrong. People made themselves look sexist by reading things into her words.

They always think she has bad intentions so they look for anything to get disturbed over. And they are so defensive because they are losing to her so badly, that they see slights and attacks of magnificent magnitude in EVERYTHING. Let her mention her gender? GENDER CARD! But they mention it frequently, knowing that it is wrong for Hillary to use her gender to attack THEM, but perfectly reasonable for THEM use her gender to attack HER. Because double standards, and she is after all, "just any woman" and he a Better feminist than "her", and besides look over here, here is a graphic of women saying "Sure we want a woman president (referring to Hillary), but NOT JUST ANY WOMAN!!!". See? Mentioning her gender by saying 'look! even women don't want her!', is perfectly fine if it is a campaign with a man running against a more popular woman and he needs to even up the score, but if SHE mentions being a woman??? GENDER CARD!

PLEASE. Yeah right she has anything to be sad about when he has graphics WITH HIS FACE AND NAME ON THEM using her GENDER against her like that. I was surprised to see his name ON something that uses her gender against her like that. But looking at how sexist our society us, nobody probably even noticed, and those that did, made excuses for it.



What about getting him more support?

I bury you, my grudges
deep inside
The coal black cavern that is my heart
Light no fire within my lonely vessel
For there sits a candle,
flame burning low.
The flicker felt,
shadows dancing,
Catching on remnants of pain and passion
Derision and laughter
Stay apart, oh grudges, rest, rest.
Time forgot you, oh!
The fields of my heart left fallow.
I bury you there, my grudges
Deep, oh, so deep!
That you may be born again
From the extant loam of life
That bears the acid sting of remembrance
Hide, my grudges, donít tarry,
Grow behind my smile and laughter
The eye twinkle,
A gentle friendly seed
Patient ,patient, my grudges, lo!
Your dawn rides in
High on the wings of memory
To deracinate forgiveness
And steal revenge
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