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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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'Nobody said it was black people'???!!!???



Why do people act like trashing Hillary will make us switch to Bernie?

It is such a strange thing to me. Some people this primary season seem to believe that if they trash Hillary enough, we will be interested in supporting Bernie.

Not just that, but there is also an issue where if Bernie has a flaw, and if you are the one to point it out, some will search far and wide through the interwebs to find something you wrote that was bad, or terrible, that you may regret, and feel terrible about, in order to use that as a way to shut you up so that you do not criticise Bernie.

Nobody is perfect, least of all myself, but one needs not be a perfect in order to be allowed to criticise a candidate for president.

We are allowed to criticise Bernie.

Better to go search out one time I acted like a fucking asshole than to discuss the millions

of nasty posts about black folks. I know I say fucked up shit sometimes, and I feel like shit about it. But I do not pretend to be perfect or that I have never ever fucked up.
Still don't change the fact that people need to stop saying we have stockholm syndrome.

Amnesia thread



I see we all are suffering from some horrible amnesia

This primary has been long and hard.

Many are now suffering from selective amnesia and wondering why people seem upset and why perhaps many of us are looking forward to Bernie Dropping out of the race.

Quite a few of us are ready to focus on the general election.

I'm at a point where I want to either move on to fighting republicans, or getting some resolution to the horrific treatment of blacks during this campaign.

Not only do we have the Donald on the right inciting violence and giving the KKK another 15 minutes of fame, but we have on the left many who marginalize us in other ways. The endless swarms dedicated to 'correcting the record' on Bernie, morphed into a thing called Berniebros.

Now that the inevitable end of Bernie's campaign looms, we have many who are now trying to say none if it ever happened. That Berniebros do not exist. That we are all imagining things or making stuff up. Calling it a meme.

Well, let me help you with that. They exist. It doesn't matter what cutesy name somebody might come up with to describe them. They are not just men, either.

Watching these people call us ignorant, uninformed, LOW INFORMATION VOTERS, stockholm syndrome victims, tell us about WELFARE a billion times, seance MLK day after day, quote Cornell West, name drop Killer Mike, say we don't understand Bernie becuse we lack internet (im on the internet now), call us master/servant class, say the south doesn't count (ya know, where a BUNCH of us live and vote), call us race baiters for discussing race, murder facebook pages and swarm black twitter, marginalize BLM and call them thugs, I FIND IT SHOCKING THAT THEY CANNOT REMEMBER ANY OF THIS STUFF HAPPENING.

Anyways. Just my thoughts on this. Hopefully Bernie will finally notice how terrible we have been treated and come fight for our rights and stuff. Or to least say sorry and ask them to stop. Although, it has been going on so long I doubt he would say much since he has had months to speak on it.

AP Fact Check: Making Hay With Legislative Weeds


Clinton pretty much told the truth. So, there goes the MEME.

Can somebody please help me understand what the Militiamen vote was about?

I am not quite understanding the background from the article.


Sanders' radical message missing moderate Black voters


Bookmarking because it's pretty perfect

Oh really?

Name some bills bernie put up to congress that was specifically designed for blacks? And name the black people he hired on staff as mayor and in his congress time or while in the senate? How many of our black politicians did he raise money for or stump for besides Jesse Jackson? What have Vermont's black political leaders said about how often he was there to help? If you do not know, that's fine. Maybe I'm not the one who knows nothing 'sides empty rhetoric... I know the exact figures and quotes. Not good. Let us see what you know..

His yes vote on mass incarceration is something people fail to mention. His lack of relationships show something..
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