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The Racist Meme: The South Doesn't Count

The idea that the votes from the Southern Region of the US do not count is a terribly racist and deplorable meme. As we all know, the contests in the Democratic primary season held in Southern States have some of the highest percentages of black voters in the nation. In some states, around fifty percent of all voters in the democratic party in those places are black men and women.

So, why is it that those states are suddenly not as important as the nearly all white Red states that Bernie won?

Now, some will blame it on location. They will say that the Deep South never goes Democratic in the General, therefore, those votes should count less. But that leaves out the fact that the Very Red states that Bernie won, also never go blue in the general. So what is the real difference? I hear tell it is the fact that the red state that he won have more progressive voters. But that is also a lie.

So the only real difference I can find is that the Red States he won are much whiter and voted for him. The states she won are much BLACKER and voted for her.

It is a racist meme. We are not 3/5ths of a human. Our votes count just as much no matter where we live or who we voted for.

We need to end this racist meme that says that the south counts less. I think it is only said to marginalize the effect of our collective votes.

I love the Democratic Party, even the 'Establishment'

The party and the Establishment Democrats are all that stands between people who look like me, and the Republican party that would own my womb and put me back in chains. So, this thing this primary season where folks want to take down the Establishment and call for Bernie or Bust movements if Bernie does not win is deplorable to my eyes.

The people who will be hurt the most by taking down the 'establishment' are not the people who are so interested in Bernie or Bust. Some are, but most of us will vote for the party nominee- the chance of getting Trump is just too deadly and dangerous for those of us who have not the privilege in this nation to ever make these types of demands.

So, let's cut out the Bernie or else stuff and think about the fact that our real enemies are on the Right. Allowing them to take over just harms us marginalized people and it is horrible to allow us to come to more harm if people do not get the candidate they want. And please stop using Trump as a threat to get us away from Hillary. That is unfair to do to those of us who are already suffering.

And btw? The South does count. That is where many of us black voters have an ACTUAL say over who wins the contests. Not fair to marginalize us further.

I agree

And I think she will take the bulk of NY too. His chance has pretty much passed.

My friends called me to the carpet for my behaiviour

They do not defend my words. That is how I know they are good people. When I screw up, they tell me.
An apology

I have said something, we all know what it was. I am sorry for what I said. No matter what it was in response to, it was wrong, and it was hateful and I am sorry.

More than being sorry for what I said, I am doubly so for the way my friends have all been tarred with my words. I hope they can forgive me. It is my fault and I am fully to blame for the extra harassment that you are experiencing. Please know that when I say things I do not mean out of pure anger and much ignorance, when I do that, I have failed. I have failed to meet my own standards and I feel terrible. I know that an apology is not enough for many, but I hope it will help begin the process of mending fences.

I should have done this sooner but I was hard to find the words that would be sufficient. I still have not found them.

Please, do not tar my friends with my brush. I am the only one to blame for my words. Please, I implore you to leave them be, and come after me, if that is your intention. Thank you.

To those hurt, I am sorry. To those offended, I am sorry. It is my job to stand up for marginalized groups, no matter what, regardless of any static going on, I am supposed to defend them, not add to their misery. I was wrong and I know it.

I have said something and said that I had read the thread and let myself get mad and say something d

stupid and hateful and that I was sorry for that. I had talked with bonobo about it. But as far as people saying stuff yiu you guys I am sorry about that too. I had put so many on ignore by using the rec lists of these ridiculous ops that I do not see a whole lot of posts and posters that I used to.
They all saw me apologized over and over, that is all I can do. If they want me to grovel? No.
That is too much to expect anymore than an apology and an acknowlegment of what I did wrong. I am not going to run around and blame anybody else, and if they keep harassing you guys I have decided to stop posting because it is unfair you you.

Topless Woman Interrupts Bernie Sanders's Rally! She Was There to Protest Donald Trump

By John Wagner March 20 at 12:16 AM Follow @WPJohnWagner

March 19, 2016 in Phoenix.

PHOENIX -- On a day when Donald Trump protesters dominated political headlines again, there was a flash of disobedience on display here at a Bernie Sanders rally.

Well into the speech of the Democratic hopeful, a woman in the crowd climbed atop a man's shoulders and removed her top to display messages written in black ink on her bare back and nearly bare front.

"STOP FACISM" her back said. "HATE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH" her front said. (She also sported two strategically placed “Free the Nipple” stickers.)

It turns out the woman was not there to protest Sanders. Her ire was directed at the Republican front-runner.

The woman, who identified herself as Anni Ma of Los Angeles, told reporters that she had tried unsuccessfully to get into Trump’s rally in Fountain Hills, Ariz. That rally was briefly delayed after dozens of protesters blocked a highway leading to the site.

Sanders briefly paused upon seeing the topless woman. She was led to the back of the venue without incident and then swarmed by reporters. She stuck around awhile to tell her story.

Sanders, meanwhile, continued talking about greed on Wall Street.

Arizona holds its Democratic primary on Tuesday.


I'm replying to put this in my journal

Very intersting opinion piece by a Black man on the Sanders campaign


(Be warned that this is not completely free from controversial opinions and is nsfw)
I won't post an excerpt because there is so much I actually do not agree with, but his opinions are complicated and interesting, and he writes about alot of different issues. I thought I'd share and discuss.

If you are not interested in hearing criticism or and negative words or opinions, this op is not one you should click the link on.

Oh jesus

She is not a perfect person and since I damn sure aint either, I try to be more circumspect. She supports obama but has differences of opinion.

She may have more baggage than bernie, but she also has a better relationship with the democratic party, obama, black voters, the establishment (those super delegates), and has changed on many things for the better over time.

Bernie lacks a party structure than will back him fully since he has railed against it. Has not much relationship with the president who I love and who he wanted primaried. He has no real relationship with my community and refuses to discuss the issues when asked in open forums, prefferring to never stray from his stump. He has a history too and has not been vetted for national office. He is brusque and standoffish, rarely writes any legislation, has no signature legislation, issues with tone deafness and a problem directing his camp properly. His foreign policy is nearly nonexistant and consists of 'I voted no on iraq.'

This is just silly.

Bye, Willyt.

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