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The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons

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Yes, but power corrupts.

And not everyone is as enlightened as you or i. Many still judge us based solely on skin color. You even see it here with white liberals saying thing about black people like, the fathers 'leave' their children, the women have too many babies, the men don' pay child support and choose to go to jail instead. Many sweeping generalizations are made about blacks even by enlightened liberals. We have members who post black crime statistics on here to prove blacks are more likely to be criminals. If these enlightened liberals of our time are dishing out racist doctrine today, i have no idea what people may do in the future. This stuff is not hidden in peoples thoughts, they write it down and send it out into the world, never to be forgotten are the attitudes towards us today.
Maybe one day there will be enough people that have been otherized to completely level the playing field.
By the time i die the majority will be on the way to becoming a minority and once that happens their supremacy will end. They will have to scrape and scrap with the rest of us while having historically been on the side of power, once power shifts they will stop being the standard , and the winner's history they have written will not be what is taught. Manifest destiny will become the genocide of the first nations, states rights will become the rape of africa, the bill of rights will be the bill of white mens rights. They will not see America in that glorious way it was seen in the past. The pilgrims fleeing religious persecution will be seen as illegal immigrant murdering savages, and tracing your lineage back to the mayflower wont get you a hive five anymore, maybe a dirty look.
That's what i mean. Their color will no longer be something to be proud of, or lord over others, they will become just like us. But we are used to being uncomfortable in our skin, so i feel sorry for them. And the fighting tooth and nail to hold on to power and to lock us up, and investigate us and otherize everyone will be remembered in history. Every kid they slam up against a wall and search today will be there accusing, their children will hear the stories and read the history and will know. And they will know that the majority did not help, not notice, and did not care. They will read these peoples words blaming us for the things that society does to us and calling us names and slurs. I and my husband teach our kids to be kind, but what about the kids whose fathers are in jail for life for a non violent crime? Who teaches them not to seek revenge? Those kids whose dad is in jail and mom works two jobs, who teaches them not to be bitter? The kids that are called thugs and who get services cut just because they are 'urban'? What will they do when the power shifts, be magnanimous or be selfish like the majority is today? Will they vote to push others down for their own benefit like today's republican party or just say that was the past like we have been told so many times? I ponder these things all the time because i think that there will be a come to Jesus moment for the majority in about 30 years, when i get old and grey. And i don't think it will be pretty.

I am pretty sure we have some infiltrators.

Some of the things i hear are straight outta fox news. I'll see a clip of some bull, and next thing i know somebody is on here pushing the same fox news line. Not all of them are real and the goatfkers take pride in stacking up a high post count over here.

I notice too that it's men. Scared of losing their place at the top and trying to hold on to their status. After centuries of being catered to, petted, and being in charge, they are suddenly outnumbered. But not out gunned. And they want us to see that they will do anything to keep what they got.

I find the ones that like to deflect the funniest. So upset that i never really include white women in the privileged category. I don't think that white women are privileged except for the fact that they are rarely harassed by cops. Much less than black men or white men. So are black women, harassed less than men.

They forget that while they were reaping the benefits of free white and over 21, white women were not free. They were basically owned by their men and sometimes sold to others. Yes sold. Like property. Daughters sold to old rich yuckers, for status. Taught to please and serve men, lacking proper education to keep them stupid and home. Not allowed to open a bank account or buy a train ticket. I feel a kinship with white ladies. While we were beaten in the fields, they were quietly abused inside. Less harsh but still, abuse is abuse. They want to separate us from you, but as women we just can't do that. We have the same wants, needs, fears, hopes, how can they divide us if we are one? And we are, and we always will be.

So i smile when they say white women privilege and laugh inside while think of our sisters fighting in the streets for the vote, roughed up, and thrown in paddy wagons. Some privilege.

They are in the last gasp phase and we have to just let them go through the changes involved in losing power over others. It must be hard, but it has to get done.

We have the numbers, we have the vote, we have the world.

Pot petition has enough signatures to make ballot.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA Enough petition signatures have been verified to place an initiative seeking to legalize marijuana on the ballot this summer in Alaska, election officials said Tuesday.

The petition has met all the thresholds necessary to appear on the Aug. 19 primary ballot, the Alaska Division of Elections said.

The lieutenant governor's office said it had verified the signatures from registered voters as of Monday evening. The total of 31,500 was a thousand more than needed, with about 6,000 signatures remaining to be checked.

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2014/02/04/3306628/alaska-voters-could-legalize-pot.html#storylink=cpy


I have a job interview this morning!!!

I'm so excited!! I haven't been working for a few years, since the crash of 09. It's been a problem just getting someone to look at my resume and the only call backs I've been getting have been for fast food jobs that would end up costing me money to work there since daycare is around 1000 a month. I got a call back last week from the state of Alaska for an office job, entry level, but with good health insurance and benefits.
I'm so excited I could barely sleep last night!!!! Please y'all, send me good vibrations and think a good thought for me today. I really need this. I've been feeling desperate lately, with my mom and sister paying my bills and giving me money for my kids and paying my way, I've felt like a failure.

I may not get this particular job, but I got the interview, so things are looking up!!

This medical examiner is making me laugh.

I know this is serious, he takes everything literally. There will be no leading of this witness!

Trayvon Martin followed proper procedure.

We teach our children about ' stranger danger'. The schools hold seminars with law enforcement professionals for our children, our most precious resource, to help them learn to keep themselves safe. Why are some people convinced that a young scared man, fighting for his life, should have not done what he was taught to do?
We tell our kids to be wary of strangers, and rightly so. Evade,hide, run, yell, and if all else fails, fight like your life depends on it. It just may.
This is what we teach them.

What do you do when someone dies.( in place of prayer.)

I come from a very religious family, so when someone gets sick they do a lot of praying,and calling on others for group praying. I want them to know that I care, but I'm not willing to join the prayer circles. I call and try to stay in touch, but I feel like persona non grata.

I like to light candles for the dead, just to think about them and remember their energy, good times I had with them.

I am not being invited to Gramma's funeral.
Should I just fake so I get to be there?
Or just light my candle alone like always?
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