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How about i just link to a few threads?

I agree.

If i can handle the way the black community gets trashed by America, i think they are strong enough to read it and if it doesn't apply let it fly. I deal with hearing black youth horror stories and hearing white politicians look down on our communities since birth and i have survived and i thrive.
It is painful for me and may be painful for you to read, but this is how a young black woman with a bit of intelligence see's the political landscape of our time.

When we speak out people get upset at our words and their guilty feelings and refuse to see the truth in our statements. We get ignored, told to pipe down, and are redirected to issues that are not the issues that we want to work on. What we say does not count, it gets us rejected and shut down.

I can see that this upsets you.

I feel the same way every time a member posts black on black crime stats and black on white crime stats without even thinking about posting the white on white stats or the white on black stats. And when i was called the worst racist on DU in a pm. And the Asian privilege thread. And the he's not white he's half asian thing. And when a poster used the n word and i asked him what it meant and i got alerted on. The gefilte fish post. The chicken threads. The piece of shit thing, turds and shit is a term used by racists to denigrate blacks, i know that for sure, i went to a majority white HS for three years and i got called that in gym class by a neonazi kid everyday until i snapped on him. Poor guy will probably have breathing problems for ever. Yes. I feel like a winner.

You should read the whole thing.

He said 'once us old guys are gone', so i repeated it and continued with my line of thought.

The new majority as i see it will be, women, single parents, minorities, and LGBT, the older population skews more white and less liberal in their social views and voting patterns. 5,4,3,2 their time is up. It's a song by Jade from the nineties.

Yes. I do think old males are the problem. Yes. Definitely. Older (white)males are more conservative (vote republican-older black males and hispanic males are quite conservative socially but vote liberal)than my generation, Millennials, and vote to keep the power in the hands of the few. Younger white males and females vote more Democratic but not as much as minorities and single white mothers. They are a part of the solution. So are we, the minorities that get ignored and the women who are called screeching feminists. As a black woman here, i have been told by a fellow liberal to 'go watch real housewives of Atlanta', you know, the 'Black' real Housewives. I have also been told that Black Men leave their families and Black women have too many kids and don't know how to use birth control. The first post got deleted but you can find it in my thread in AA called 'you can say anything you want about black people and get way with it'. The second stood a jury and one of the jurors said i should refute it instead of alerting. An all black jury would have seen the racism in that post, but our jury thinks that kinda post belongs on a democratic site. See what i mean.

Older liberals have been waiting for a big block of liberals to come into the party and change the game. We have arrived. And we do not feel wanted and are concerned by the shutting down of conversation about the issues that matter to us in favor of all day every day Obama criticism. The new big block of voters consist of democrats who like the President and are democrats because of him. So am I. I was not even interested until him because i knew my vote did not count for shit in America. Maybe it still doesn't unless i vote for who the 'real' democrats choose. Or i bash Obama.

Now, you have the right to criticize all day every day if you want to, but it's getting quite difficult to tell the difference between an angry old liberal and an angry old republican. You all sound just alike and i read talking points on Red State and them come to DU and read the same thing here. Cannot tell y'all apart by your words, the only difference i can see is the D.

Immature high horse. You sound so old.

I just laid out the world as seen from my view down here in the gutter and my telling you that the vicious of the attacks against the president is not winning voters to our side. It is not helping to engage the youth or women or minorities. You know, the people who make up the bulk of our party.
Those low minded liberals who try to accomplish what they can and move us toward a more perfect union are not the ones who will receive the wrath of the future voters.
And talking down to younger voters and blaming my contemporaries for not fixing the problems caused during YOUR time, during the reagan revolution is silly and disingenuous.

We had two choices for president and we choses the best candidate both times by electing Barack Obama, i am Proud of my choice and i would fill in that bubble for him over McCain or Romney any day. There were no other candidates that appealed to a majority of voters.

If you have problems with the amount of power corporations have you need to look to the legislature and the supreme courts. Blaming everything that has gone wrong in this nation on one man majes you all sound....... Like republicans.

After you old guys are gone the rest of us will make up the new majority.

I think it will take much less time than the estimates project. I have two children, he has four, i expect to have two more and that will still mean i will have the least amount of children for a Lady in my family. My grandmother had ten. Most of my friends have several already and are continuing to procreate. Many of my white friends are in mixed marriages and have several children who identify as asian or black or hispanic not white. Minorities are not cozy with wall street for the most part, and women especially single one are less likely to vote Republican. So in twenty years we will not have 2 Parties run by Old white Dudes who service the rich. We will be voting ourselves a right good part of their money, praise R'hllor.

You got to realize that power is shifting towards a more liberal society and that it is the old white men who are standing in the way of progress, passing shit laws and fighting against womens rights. The kids growing up see their congressmen screeching about illegals, urban youths, thugs, wetbacks and more. They will not be voting for Republicans. And Democrats better get our shit together and start bringing in the next generation quickly before Republicans decide to get smart, steal our platform, and out voters. Because sorry to tell you, the youth is not interested in the NSA all day everyday, they post every private thought they have on Tumblr, facebook, etc.

They will kill wall street when they get their time. I'll be right here helping them find the means. And we need their help to do it because the old party bosses still control the legislature, for now.
The only way to get the votes is to get the voters engaged. And horror stories about how much you hate Obama is not a good lure when you are fishing in a pond of Obama supporters, and the youth , women, lgbt's, and minorities are supporters of this President. You are driving them away and losing us votes.

I believe i read last night that the reason some can't give him any credit is because.......

Anti Obama posts get more recs. I believe thats was the jist of it.
My best explanation for the lack of support he receives here as opposed to the broad support he receives from the party as a whole is because the make up/demographics of DU is not representative of the party's demographics nationally. The base of the party is women, Blacks, Asians and Latinos/Hispanics along with LGBT and young people. The make up of DU skews heavily older, whiter, and more male than the Democratic party and has a heavy streak of Libertarianism. We have been seeing a bit of a xenophobic attitude lately, a coldness towards AA's, some homophobia and a nice tasty dash of sexism to round out the course. And those posts can go to jury and stand.
Why would anyone who isn't already here who is of the base as i described above want to join and engage with us just to be called a Obamabot or a reverse racist or a screeching feminist or told to speak english or go away by democrats?
Our democratic board has so much in common with republican boards i like to read and compare us to them and sometimes i LOL at the similarities between their posters and ours.
I have read too many times here that we need to try to reach out to... Drumroll please...... WHITE MEN! Not our base, and our voters, but we need to reach out to old white males and not say stuff that might make them anxious. Why? Because the board is full of them and some of them think that the nation is not paying attention to their problems.

That's my tldr explanation of the sickness that we suffer from.

I cannot believe you went there.

Fine, i'll post mine too.
81. Another nostalgic moment.

I hate nostalgic moments. I imagine myself as i would be living in their nostalgic 1960's fantasy world; scrubbing floors as a maid housekeeper or as an entertainer in an all black club, getting that back alley abortion and dying on the step of an all white hospital from blood loss and lack of medical attention since they just didn't treat colored at the white hospital. Ah, the delights of those happy golden years!

Low down dirty shame- i loved that movie and it just popped into my head out of nowhere.

Never a good word uttered about that man without a qualification and a gripe.

That's scary as hell for this black woman who has lived her life with qualifiers. I just got the i can't believe she's that smart, she probably cheated type nonsense. And the having to me twice as good to get the same praise as the melanin challenged peers near me. Having my good qualities overlooked and minimized and my bad ones magnified. The part that pissed me off the most was that the people doing it never admitted to doing it, or even noticed that it was happening. The expectation level you have for him is limitless, he is not limitless.

"One of my life rules is that nothing is good or bad unless compared to something else."
Hannah Reinnier, Palindrome 656

When i look at the president i compare him not to my expectations, but to the other option we actually had. You should try that. It fucking works so damn good and helps me reality test.
When i see an issue and analyze his decisions i ponder what Rmoney would have done in his place and try to decide which is the better option. There is no black and white in this nation of idealists built on the misery of others. Our whole history is grey.

Wont happen.

It's just that all of the Obama super criticizers use the same language, similar talking points, jokes about his supporters and go after him with such zeal that it looks bad.
I mean most democrats support the president, but if one were to only have DU as a frame of reference one would think he were the worst president ever.
It always amazes me when i log on after slumming it around the net and reading righter leaning sites, how many anti Obama posts are published here and how many recs they get. Combine that with the lack of Colored people, and the shockingly negative attitudes towards us from some posters, the racist posts that make it through the jury and the support the posters receive and you have an ugly picture. That is the problem. We look like them on the surface.

People here spew anger and criticisms towards him, never appreciate his efforts, are nasty to colored people and love libertarian policies. Racism is alive and well in the democratic party and it shows through and there is quite a bit of it here. Why do you think so many black posters have quit DU by writing GBCW posts and thats many more have just given up in disgust? I know why. I see it all the time here.

I think you will find your answer in my post if you look hard enough. When a person starts sounding like a racist, they start getting treated like one. It's not you in particular necessarily just the whole vibe of this place.

For a site dedicated to the Democratic party this place is low on posters that make up much of the base of the party; minorities and women should be here in force. But they are not, this place is not very welcoming to minorities.
As a black woman it is very painful to watch my own party trash the first president i have ever voted for on a daily bases, getting to the point where personal insults with foul language written about him here gets a round of applause and many recs. I feel like the party members here have thrown him under the bus and me right along with him if i support him. Call me an Obamabot or a bogger if you will. I am used to being ridden roughshod over by society, all i ask is that you all give him credit when he does something good. Bu that does not happen. It majes me wonder if that is the first and last president i will vote for, i am nearly at the point where i don't care anymore. Fine trash him daily and then when the next election comes up and your candidate is running, i wont be excited for you. It's whatever now.
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