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Gender: Male
Hometown: El Paso
Home country: Planet Earth
Current location: Living Room
Member since: Sun Dec 16, 2012, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,325

About Me

OIF3 Veteran - I am a warrior for peace. I live in El Paso, which is NOT Texas.

Journal Archives

Lyin' Ted and Cardboard Cornyn ain't real Texans. They don't neighbor.

An open letter to our two Texas Senators because you donít neighbor:

We couldn't help but notice your hurry and worry about the pending damage and destruction that was headed our way when Hurricane Harvey announced his intention to illegally cross into Texas. Your letter to the President on August 25 was an urgent cry for help to aid our fellow Texans in a time of crisis. On behalf of the Governor, you wrote:

ďGiven the potential catastrophic impact that the Hurricane may have on Texas communities, we strongly support this request and urge you to provide any and all emergency protective measures available by a major disaster declaration.Ē

And what a crisis this Harvey has become! Harvey, birthed in the warm dry air above the Western Sahara, was captured and ferried across the Atlantic to be sold and delivered to the Caribbean. But Harvey had other ideas and he escaped. Ultimately, he decided to head north to the land of the free. A more unwelcome alien than this Harvey is hard to fathom. Except perhaps, if you can remember, those who survived a storm called Sandy back in 2012. Iím fairly certain those folks in New Jersey and New York have a pretty good idea of what it feels like to be in Houston or many other places in Texas right about now.

Iím sure youíre both hoping not too many of us will remember your cavalier approach to the suffering of your fellow citizens way back in 2012. In fact, you count on people not remembering what you do, on so many levels. For those of us who havenít forgotten, you know that you cannot count on our support come election time. Itís the people who have forgotten that you must count on. As for those who donít care, you can always count on the support of the uncaring. Itís your stock in trade.

Problem is, thatís not how real Texans are brought up. You see, when folks down the road need help, we believe that helping them is the most important thing. We donít need to be told, itís something we fundamentally understand by about the age of 4 or 5. Same holds true with our fellow Americans. When the good people in New Jersey are suffering, we think itís best to do all we can to help out.

But not you two. You saw Sandy as another opportunity to stick a finger in the eye of the Obama presidency. Youíll place politics above helping people whenever it suits you. And when you need the help, well you ask for it just like the rest of us do, and hope that we wonít treat you the way you treat others. Kinda the opposite of the Golden Rule ifín you ask me?

Out in far west Texas weíve got a term we use for people like Senators Ted and John Ė they donít neighbor! See neighbors take care of each other and lend a helping hand to folks when they need it. Not Ted. Not John. When NJ and NY and others were drowning under the Sandy floods, these two clowns cried about the money Obama was going to spend on helping people. They asked for equal cuts in other parts of the budget to offset FEMA spending. Why in the hell would they do this? Because Ted Cruz and John Cornyn donít neighbor, thatís why.

Shame on people who donít neighbor. Shame on both of our Senators. And shame on those who donít care about others. And the thing of it is, even if you wonít help us, we will help you when you need it. Because thatís how weíre raised in Texas and thatís how you neighbor.
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