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Gender: Male
Hometown: El Paso
Home country: Planet Earth
Current location: Living Room
Member since: Sun Dec 16, 2012, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,325

About Me

OIF3 Veteran - I am a warrior for peace. I live in El Paso, which is NOT Texas.

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I am with you 100%. My hatred for that man is pure. And my disgust for those small-minded citizens who lionized this criminal cannot be properly expressed. Nixon messed with Johnson's peace negotiations to win the 68 election. Reagan bribed the mullahs in Iran to delay the release of hostages to win the 80 election. Bush steals the 2000 election and yet - silence.

Thom Hartmann first pointed out (at least to my reckoning) that in 1980 the USA was No. 1 in exporting manufactured goods; importing raw materials; and lending money to other countries. By 2005 we had become No. 1 in importing manufactured goods; exporting raw materials, and the world's largest borrower of money.

The phony "invasion" of Grenada took place shortly after 242 Marines were killed in Beirut. Ronny tucked tail and ran. Nobody on the chicken hawk side cared one bit.

I sometimes wonder if America suffered a giant collective aneurysm during the Regan era.

Thanks for coming to work!

The Shadow Mayor
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