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Gender: Male
Hometown: El Paso
Home country: Planet Earth
Current location: Living Room
Member since: Sun Dec 16, 2012, 07:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,325

About Me

OIF3 Veteran - I am a warrior for peace. I live in El Paso, which is NOT Texas.

Journal Archives

The Big Short Movie

I highly recommend that America flock to this movie like we do for Star Wars. Well, one can hope? However, if you want to have a peaceful holidays, best wait until after Christmas. Took my oldest son and 14 year old daughter to see it late last night. When we got home, my daughter said: "How in the hell am I supposed to go to sleep now? I'm really really pissed-off." All I could tell her was to not worry too much as every little thing that Congress has tried to rein in the greedy careless assholes who run the show has been nibbled away, taken apart and de-fanged by the Republicans and some of the spineless whores posing as Democrats. It's the usual response by the United States of Amnesia. My son who has a degree in Mathematics and is finishing a Masters in Economics just shook his head and said: "Thank god they made it funny in parts, otherwise it would be too depressing to make it as a movie."

The sturm and drang of the primary season can be captivating and even consuming. Meanwhile, stocks are soaring, Fukushima is spewing (and Japan is going to host an Olympics!), wars are raging, Americans are incarcerated and the common thread to all of this is that nobody is held accountable. Why none of the banks were busted up? why these Wall Street buttholes get bonuses instead of sentences and fines? and why do we go along with paying for their mess? are questions I find so infuriating and now to my young daughter as well.

As the Stooges might say - 'Tis the season to eat, drink, and beat Larry

And please go see The Big Short.
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