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"It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have." James A. Baldwin

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White power fanatics are being drawn to Kiev.

I assumed this was going on, but now we have independent proof that neo-Nazi, white power advocates are going to Ukraine to join Kiev's right wing militias. As the story explains, these foreign fascists are already active in combat against the ethnic Russian people of Ukraine's separatist Republics:

Ukraine conflict: 'White power' warrior from Sweden

The appearance of far-right activists, both foreign and home-grown, among the Ukrainian volunteers fighting in east Ukraine is causing unease.

Mikael Skillt is a Swedish sniper, with seven years' experience in the Swedish Army and the Swedish National Guard. He is currently fighting with the Azov Battalion, a pro-Ukrainian volunteer armed group in eastern Ukraine. He is known to be dangerous to the rebels: reportedly there is a bounty of nearly $7,000 (£4,090; 5,150 euros) on his head.

In a telephone conversation from an undisclosed location, Mr Skillt told me more about his duties: "I have at least three purposes in the Azov Battalion: I am a commander of a small reconnaissance unit, I am also a sniper, and sometimes I work as a special coordinator for clearing houses and going into civilian areas."

As to his political views, Mr Skillt prefers to call himself a nationalist, but in fact his views are typical of a neo-Nazi. "It's all about how you see it," he says. "I would be an idiot if I said I did not want to see survival of white people. After World War Two, the victors wrote their history. They decided that it's always a bad thing to say I am white and I am proud."


Read more at: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-28329329

Posted by another_liberal | Thu Jul 17, 2014, 01:34 PM (0 replies)

New U.S. sanctions due to failure of Ukrainian offensive.

Russian President Putin has commented on the newest round of sanctions imposed against his country by the United States. He noted the effort would hurt the U.S. worse than the Russian Federation, and suggested the sanctions were really a reaction on the part of Washington to the failure of its puppet government in Kiev to make good on plans to quickly crush the independence movement in self-proclaimed Peoples' Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Russia: US sanctions revenge for Ukrainian failure, Moscow may retaliate

Russia considers the latest package of sanctions against it issued by the US as revenge for the failure of Washington’s schemes in Ukraine and blackmail. Moscow reserves the right to retaliate. Moscow believes that America is targeting it with sanctions “because the events in Ukraine have not developed the way Washington scripted them,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

“The outrageous and groundless desire to blame Russia for the civil war in a neighboring country, which was caused by a deep internal crisis and already resulted in the loss of many lives, proves that the US and its clients in Kiev have failed to pacify the wide public dissent,” the ministry said.

Moscow said Washington is cynical in attempting to dodge responsibility for the bloodshed perpetrated by the Ukrainian troops in the east of the country, which the US is de facto encouraging. The sanctions issued by the US on Wednesday won’t affect Russia’s position, the ministry warned.

“We’ve said on many occasions that speaking the language of sanctions to Russia is pointless, regardless of their scale. This path won’t lead to any positive outcome,” the statement said. “Those who believe in their own exceptionalism and claim the right to dictate their will to the world will be deeply disappointed.”


Read more at: http://rt.com/news/173424-us-sanctions-revenge-ukraine/
Posted by another_liberal | Thu Jul 17, 2014, 07:21 AM (0 replies)

Self-Defense Fighters report Ukrainian troops withdrawing from near Lugansk.

The Lugansk self-defense authorities are reporting an unforced withdrawal of Ukrainian units from their most advanced positions in front of separatist controled Lugansk city. The Ukrainian troops were reportedly not under attack at the time they abandoned several frontline villages and towns:

Tuesday, July 15

19:44 GMT:

Ukrainian Army units are leaving earlier captured positions near Lugansk in the east of the country, the press-service for the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Lugansk has said, reports Itar-Tass. The troops have withdrawn from the city of Krasnodon, Aleksandrovka and Schastie, the press-service stated, adding that the move is not connected to the self-defense troops’ activities.

18:13 GMT:

The OSCE has confirmed that it accepted Russia's invitation to send an assessment mission to the Russian-Ukrainian border on 16 July.

"The organization will send an assessment mission, consisting of three OSCE Secretariat representatives, to the Donetsk and Gukovo points on the Russian-Ukrainian border," the OSCE press-service told Interfax news agency on Tuesday.

14:28 GMT:

Since the beginning of Kiev’s military operation in eastern Ukraine, 258 troops have been killed, 922 wounded and 45 taken captives, according to the country’s National Security and Defense Service (SNBO).


Read more at: http://rt.com/news/eastern-ukraine-army-operation-680/
Posted by another_liberal | Tue Jul 15, 2014, 07:20 PM (7 replies)

Was it always Netanyahu's intention to destroy the Palestinian Unity Govenment?

Democracy Now hosts a discussion concerning the real reasons the IDF is once again bombarding and killing civilians in the besieged Gaza strip. Here's a spoiler tip, it's mostly not about the rockets at all:

Posted by another_liberal | Tue Jul 15, 2014, 12:47 PM (19 replies)

Ukrainian forces shell Russian town, killing one and wounding serveral.

Someone in the Ukrainian army must really want a much bigger war for his country, either that or he is an extremely careless gunner. Ukrainian shells have landed in a Russian town near the Ukrainian border. There has been property damage and at least one fatality. The Russian Federation has given notice it will respond:

1 killed, 2 injured: Russia vows response to Ukraine shelling Russian city

An artillery shell from Ukraine has hit a private house in the Rostov region of Russia, killing a citizen and leaving two more injured. The Russian Foreign Ministry promises heavy consequences. Reportedly up to six mortar shells exploded on Sunday in the small Russian town of Donetsk, which has the same name as the Ukrainian city and is situated right on the Ukrainian border.

Ukraine’s charge d'affaires in Russia has been summoned to the Foreign Ministry where he was handed a note of protest in the strongest terms. The Russian Foreign Ministry has called the shelling “an obviously aggressive act” on Ukraine’s part and warned it could have “irreversible consequences” with Kiev holding full responsibility for the provocation.

Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin promised a “rigorous and concrete answer” to the shelling of Russian territory that resulted in the senseless loss of life. “We’re currently evaluating the situation, and the facts we’ve learnt risk a dangerous escalation of the tensions on the [Russian-Ukrainian] border, which puts our citizens in high danger,” Karasin told RIA news agency, stressing that harsh reaction would follow only after detailed analysis of the situation.

The National Security Council of Ukraine has already declared that Kiev’s troops involved in the operation in the east of the country have nothing to do with the shelling incident. “Ukrainian troops are definitely not shelling the territory of the Russian Federation. We did not shoot,” said Andrey Lysenko, official representative of the information center of the NSCU. The leaders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) denied allegations of staging a provocation against Russian citizens. “We’re accustomed to being blamed for all Ukrainian shellings,” DPR’s vice-PM Andrey Purgin told Russian ‘Moscow speaks’ radio station.


read more, and see videos of the damage, at: http://rt.com/news/172404-russian-donetsk-shelled-victims/

Posted by another_liberal | Sun Jul 13, 2014, 10:03 AM (12 replies)

Serious escalation in the Ukrainian crisis.

Mortar shells fired by Ukrainian forces have impacted and exploded in a town on the Russian side of the Ukrainian/Russian border today. At lest one Russian civilian was killed and several more were wounded. The Russian government has promised a swift and suitable response:

Posted by another_liberal | Sun Jul 13, 2014, 09:14 AM (3 replies)

Israeli "Knock on the Roof" bombing technique caught on video.

The Israeli bombing technique known as "Knock on the Roof" is admittedly how the IDF sends warning it is about to strike a residential structure (in this case a multi-storied apartment building). In the video one can easily see the first, small explosion which is purportedly intended as a warning, to give residents of the building time to flee. The second massive explosion follows about a minute later, and is in turn quickly followed by a third, large explosion which goes off inside the structure, blowing out all of the walls.

Do you think you would have had enough time? What would you have had to leave behind just to save your life?
Posted by another_liberal | Sat Jul 12, 2014, 06:15 PM (40 replies)

Poroshenko calls for another ceasefire, and his forces increase their shelling.

President Poroshenko has called for yet another ceasefire. As on previous occasions when he made such announcements for the Western media's benefit, Kiev's armed forces responded by intensifying their artillery bombardment of opposition strongholds:

Friday, July 11

09:31 GMT:

The area near the military facilities of Lugansk self-defense forces, eastern Ukraine, is being shelled, local witnesses told ITAR TASS. Smoke is reportedly seen in the area and the ambulances have already headed to the scene. Lugansk self-defense troops control the area and warn local residents of the danger of shelling.

03:57 GMT:

Renewed violence is being reported in eastern Ukraine. Fighting has broken out around Donetsk airport, which is controlled by government forces. The premises is being blocked by local militia. Gunfire and explosions were heard in the city and in the nearby small town of Seversk, which was reportedly targeted by airstrikes. RT also received reports of heavy shelling in a mining area in the Lugansk region, not far from the Russian border. A bus transporting miners to work reportedly came under fire.

“We work at the same mine, they were my colleagues, they were going to work on the bus when it was shelled by the Ukrainian army. Four people died. And the shelling continues now,” one of the miners, Vadim, told RT, “They bombed a school, a kindergarden. My brother’s family was walking past as the apartment block was bombed, his wife was wounded in front of their child. There was blood everywhere. Everyone feels lost and scared,” he added.

Other accounts described the Ukrainian army firing at residential houses in the Kamennobrodskiy district of the Lugansk region, Itar-Tass quoted eyewitnesses as saying. Shelling has also been reported in a residential area of Karlovka village in the Donetsk region.


Read more at: http://rt.com/news/eastern-ukraine-army-operation-680/
Posted by another_liberal | Fri Jul 11, 2014, 07:30 AM (0 replies)

The continued shelling of civilians by Ukrainian forces is ethnic cleansing.

If what the Kiev government is now doing to its independence-minded ethnic Russian people is not ethnic cleansing it is so similar to that war crime as to be indistinguishable in its methods and its impact on the targeted population:

Thursday, July 10

10:38 GMT:

Three Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and 27 wounded in clashes with the self-defense forces in the east of the country in the past 24 hours, the military said on Thursday. “The situation in the region remains tense,” according to the press-center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. There have also been cases of road mining, both of highways and dirt roads, which the Kiev forces use.

06:33 GMT:

Fighting has been reported in eastern Ukraine near the ‘Donetsk’ checkpoint in Rostov Region, southwestern Russia, the press service of the Russian Southern Customs Service reported. The customs officers have been evacuated.

04:31 GMT:

Sanctions against Russia are stupid, believes Marine Le Pen, the president of the French far-right National Front.

“These sanctions are stupid, and have contributed to adding fuel to the fire, created a hostile environment against Russia,” said the French politician at a press conference. Le Pen believes that Russia is one of those countries which “preserves Ukraine's sovereignty and avoids the degradation of this situation to a civil war. The best way to stop this is to put everyone around the table,” she said, adding that Western countries “should not treat Russia with contempt,” because Russia is “a big regional player.”


Read more at: http://rt.com/news/eastern-ukraine-army-operation-680/
Posted by another_liberal | Thu Jul 10, 2014, 07:24 AM (38 replies)
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