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"It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have." James A. Baldwin

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We're going back to Iraq to save Christians. It's not about the oil, I'm just sure it isn't.

Here we go again, like we don't know where and how this will end. In my considered opinion, we'll end up killing more Muslims than any Christians we might happen to save. And as far as those lovely oil fields in northern Iraq, "Well, it's one, two, three . . . What are we fighting for!"

US considers 'military options' in Iraq to save Yazidis, Christians

US President Barack Obama is considering military action to help stranded Yazidi Kurds in Iraq who fled territories captured by Islamic State militants.

On Thursday, President Obama assembled members of his national security team to discuss the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in regions of Iraq captured by the Islamic State (IS). The US is considering airdrops of humanitarian assistance supplies to Yazidis trapped at the top of Mount Sinjar, as well as airstrikes and other "military options," according to CNN. The Wall Street Journal reported that US aircraft might fly to Iraq to deliver humanitarian aid as soon as Thursday night.

An administration official told The New York Times that “the president is weighing both passive and active options.” Dropping humanitarian supplies is considered passive action. "More active, we could target the [IS] elements that are besieging the base of the mountain," the official added.

CNN also reported that the Obama administration is considering airstrikes against IS strongholds. However, the White House would not reveal its strategy on Thursday. “The United States government, as well as the United States military, is supporting the ongoing efforts of Iraqi official and Kurdish officials to address” this humanitarian crisis,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday, without elaborating on what "support" currently means.


Read more at: http://rt.com/usa/178784-pentagon-aid-kurdish-yazidis/
Posted by another_liberal | Thu Aug 7, 2014, 05:58 PM (98 replies)

OSCE observers report no Russian incursions into Ukraine!

I wonder how the Russia-haters and all-out war hawks will rationalize this new development? It certainly calls into open question their preferred scenario concerning the cause of Ukraine's civil war.

Alexander Hug (C), deputy head for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe's (OSCE) monitoring mission in Ukraine.(Reuters)

OSCE: No Russian violations on Ukrainian border

The OSCE monitoring mission on the Russian-Ukrainian border has registered no violations of international law by the Russian side during its week-long stay at the Gukovo and Donetsk checkpoints, mission head Paul Picard said. During his press conference, Picard was asked to comment on Western claims that Russia is shelling Ukrainian territory and has starting deployment troops to the country. “In these two border crossings we haven’t seen such happenings,” he replied.

The observers were assessing two checkpoints – Gukovo and Donetsk – on the border with Ukraine’s Lugansk Region, which are separated from each other by around 30km. Gukovo checkpoint is currently closed from the Ukrainian side, but traffic at the Donetsk border crossing is “high,” Picard stressed. “About 80 percent of traffic comes from Ukraine to Russia. We heard from people that there’s a queue of hundreds of car and a kilometer of people standing in line to the checkpoint,” he said.

According to Picard, the people - who are trying to cross the Russian border from Ukraine - have their children and huge bags with them, and don’t look remotely like tourists. The observer also confirmed that several Ukrainian shells have landed on the Russian territory during the last week. “Three was fighting on Ukrainian side south of [Gukovo] border crossing point and… two shells fell on the territory of the border crossing and two fell in the field,” he said.

Picard thanked the Russian border guards for “providing required security measures” for the OSCE mission.


Read more at: http://rt.com/news/178668-osce-russia-ukraine-border/

Posted by another_liberal | Thu Aug 7, 2014, 11:46 AM (16 replies)

New clashes break out in Kiev's Maidan Sqauare.

Isn't this what is bound to happen when a naďve government gives weapons and official status to Nazi-admiring fascist street fighters? In this case it seems Kiev is even employing them in a crowd control role! Oh well, it's not like no one tried to warn those now in power about the danger they were courting.

Maidan self-defence activists clash with fighters of Kiev-1 volunteer battalion on Independence Square in Kiev on August 7, 2014.(AFP Photo)

Police & activists clash on Maidan, tires burn anew in central Kiev

Activists and police have clashed in the Ukrainian capital’s center after communal workers tried to dismantle the camp. It follows a months-old conflict over the camp with the city administration. Law enforcement officials have been injured in the clashes with activists on the Kiev’s Independence square, according to the Interior Ministry press service.

It’s not known how many people were injured, ITAR-TASS reports. The majority of injuries were from stones thrown by protesters. The smoke from burning tires can be smelt all over the city center, witnesses say.

Earlier on Thursday, communal services were dismantling the barricades, and confiscated about 20 boxes containing bottles of flammable mixture. Law enforcement officials and Kiev authorities have been urging the activists to leave Maidan and free the seized buildings for months, but the activists have refused to do so. In July, Ukraine's Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema urged the activists to leave Kiev’s Maidan and free seized buildings. Yarema underlined that the refusal to obey would entail criminal responsibility.

Kiev’s Independence Square has been the main hub of the popular uprising since last November. Around a thousand people were still on the square in July, according to Kiev’s Mayor Vitaly Klitschko. Protesters seized 19 buildings, including administrative offices and hotels, with almost 500 activists living there, according to the prosecutor general.

Read more, and see videos, at: http://rt.com/news/178612-maidan-clashes-police-activists/

Posted by another_liberal | Thu Aug 7, 2014, 06:58 AM (13 replies)

EU to take joint action with Russian Federation to de-escalate Ukrainian civil war.

This live update on the Ukrainian crisis was just posted. Need I add that it is certainly past time for such action on the part of Western European authorities.

Wednesday, August 6

17:52 GMT:

The EU expects to take joint action with Russia on the de-escalation of the Ukrainian crisis in the near future, said European Ambassador to Russia Vygaudas Ušackas.

The issue of sanctions is a secondary issue, as there are more important and essential matters that need to be promptly resolved, he added.

Posted by another_liberal | Wed Aug 6, 2014, 08:13 PM (13 replies)

Evidence that Kiev's troops are using white phosphorus weapons against separatists.

Evidence has now been collected which shows the Ukrainian government military is employing white phosphorus type weapons against civilian residential areas of Lugansk and Donetsk Republics. This is a practice which is not only morally repulsive on the face of it, but one which is also banned under international law. Like they say, "Your tax dollars at work."

Wednesday, August 6

11:44 GMT:

The Russian Investigative Committee said Wednesday it had gathered evidence that Ukraine has used prohibited weapons against civilians in Eastern Ukraine.

Evidence show that prohibited weapons, which are similar to ‘phosphorus bombs’ in composition, were used intentionally against civilians in Donetsk Region, in an area where were no military targets, RIA Novosti quoted the committee’s spokesman, Vladimir Markin, as saying. A representative of Russia’s General Staff said late July that the Ukrainian army had used phosphorous bombs in eastern Ukraine at least six times.

10:15 GMT:

300 police in Donetsk have defected to the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), according to the interior minister’s adviser, Anton Gerashenko. “I spoke to the head of the Donetsk police, Konstantin Pozhidaev. According to his data, 300 police in Donetsk have voluntarily defected to the DNR,” Gerashenko told ‘112 Ukraine’ TV channel. “We have information on all of these people. In the near future we will make it public, so that all of those citizens know that long prison terms await them.” The official said only 10-15 percent of the Donetsk police remains loyal to Kiev.

05:36 GMT:

A lack of food has been registered in the town of Shakhtersk - just over 50km from the regional center of Donetsk – as a result of the Ukrainian army attacks, Russian news portal LifeNews reported.


Read more, and see videos, at: http://rt.com/news/eastern-ukraine-army-operation-680/
Posted by another_liberal | Wed Aug 6, 2014, 08:45 AM (87 replies)

Yes, it is getting worse still in Eastern Ukraine.

Some are now saying Lugansk is on track to become Eastern Ukraine's Grozny. It is worth noting, however, that this will be a city devastated and left nearly uninhabitable by Kiev's hired fascist militias, fascist militias whose weapons, munitions, clothing and even food are being supplied by the United States and our obedient NATO lackey States. All that agonizing the West did over how horribly Grozny was treated during its siege, but no one seems able to recognize that, through the despicable services of our Ukrainian stooges, we are now doing much the same to poor Lugansk.

Humanitarian catastrophe: Lugansk, E. Ukraine, left with no water, power, phone connection.

The eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk has declared a state of humanitarian catastrophe over a lack of medical supplies, electricity, lighting, mobile and internet communication. Some 250,000 civilians are unable to leave, the statement also says.

“As of August 5, Lugansk remains disconnected from electricity. The situation remains critical on the city’s territory. Lugansk is has no energy, is in a state of humanitarian catastrophe. Since Sunday, part of the population in the region’s center have been without light or water, as well as mobile and internet communication,” the statement on the city council website read.

Due to high temperatures and the damage to most community services’ cars, rubbish collection “completely stopped,” which is why the city is basically “on the brink of an ecological catastrophe,” the administration said.

“Today 250,000 civilian Lugansk residents - mainly retirees and families with children who don’t have the money to leave the city and who have nowhere to go - have been the hostages to the situation: the people are forced to live in the conditions of armed clashes, with the lacking communications, the remaining nutrition disappearing from the counter of shops and supermarkets which are still working,” according to the statement.


Read more at: http://rt.com/news/178068-ukraine-lugansk-humanitarian-crisis/

Posted by another_liberal | Tue Aug 5, 2014, 06:55 AM (92 replies)

Islamic State fighters make gains in Kurdistan.

This front of the region-wide struggle now engulfing much of the Middle East is clearly heating up. Will the Kurds be able to hold on to their territory long enough to declare the independence of that Kurdish homeland they want to establish?

Islamic State seizes 3 Iraqi towns & oil field in offensive against Kurds

In the latest battles with Kurdish militia, the extremist Islamic State has captured three towns and an oil field in a major land grab in northern Iraq. The former branch of Al-Qaeda, which gained worldwide notoriety in June after conducting a lighting offensive crushing the US-trained Iraqi troops, has been trying to enlarge its territory in northern Iraq and consolidate their control.

With Baghdad’s forces on the run, Kurdish militias have been crucial in containing the militants who want to carve out a fundamental Islamist caliphate from Iraq and Syria. The Islamic State scored several military victories and on Sunday captured the towns of Zumar, Sinjar and Wana. Zumar, with a nearby oil field and refinery, was the focus of the battle. Kurdish forces poured in reinforcements there, but Islamic State attacked from three directions over the weekend, eventually seizing the strategic site, residents said.

The continued offensive on Sinjar reportedly met little resistance as the Kurdish fighters pulled back. Wana near Mosul Dam was the latest capture in the militants’ offensive.

The militants earlier took control of four Iraqi oil fields, securing additional funding for their operations in addition to millions of dollars worth of weapons and valuables they captured in June.


Read more at: http://rt.com/news/177664-islamic-state-seize-towns/
Posted by another_liberal | Sun Aug 3, 2014, 08:34 AM (11 replies)

Fighting breaks out between Kurdistan and Islamic State (ISIS) troops.

I wondered how long the Kurds would have a peaceful border with these characters. No longer, or so it seems. Still and all, I am impressed these "Jhadists," with such a brutally dysfunctional view of life and society, have been able to hold their "State" together for as long as they have. The Iraqis have been beaten by them nearly every time they met, and now it's Kurdistan's turn.

At least 14 Kurds killed fighting ISIS jihadists in Iraq

At least 14 Kurdish troops have been killed after they fought off the ISIS militants’ attack on the oil facility and a dam near the city of Mosul, northern Iraq, an official from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan told AFP. The Islamic State "attacked a peshmerga post in Zumar [on Friday] and a fierce battle erupted," he said. Islamic State fighters currently control the city of Mosul.

Posted by another_liberal | Sat Aug 2, 2014, 08:09 AM (7 replies)
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