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Profile Information

Name: chaz
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cedar Rapids IA
Home country: usa
Current location: same
Member since: Thu Dec 6, 2012, 12:50 AM
Number of posts: 25

About Me

Drop dead!

Journal Archives

Thank goodness

for you and what you are doing and have done.

Use your baseball bat and swing for the fence if the bastard shows up. Take his fucking head off!


she left something inside, maybe she went back to thank someone, good grief!

I know that you all won't talk to me but frankly I don't care anymore so read this and think for a change. DUH!

And quit whining among yourselves about whether an election victory is good or not and whether this latest dog and pony show with boner and repugs is a victory or not!

Take your wins when you get them and hope for many more of course. Get your ass out and fight for more like I do. Quit living your life at a computer screen typing crap and do something.
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