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This is where Trump was on 9/11


Donald Trump Blames Barack Obama for the White House's Air Conditioning Issues (Not a joke)

Donald Trump Blames Barack Obama for the White House's Air Conditioning Issues

Joelle Goldstein,People

President Donald Trump is airing his woes about the air conditioning in the White House — and he said former President Barack Obama had something to do with it.

While speaking to reporters in the Oval Office on Friday, Trump, 73, said he would be spending time at his New Jersey golf club resort next month, but he claimed that “it’s never a vacation” while he’s in Bedminster and said he would rather be at the White House.

Trump also argued that his time away from Washington, D.C., would give maintenance crews an opportunity to fix the inadequate air conditioning system which he contended was ruined by his predecessor.

“The Obama administration worked out a brand new air conditioning system for the West Wing. It was so good before they did the system,” he groused. “Now that they did this system, it’s [either] freezing or hot.

In addition to the air conditioning Trump also claimed, without evidence, that the U.S. has “a much better economy than in [Obama’s] wildest dreams.”

He later suggested that authorities should look into the former president’s book deal with Penguin Random House instead of the Russian investigation involving former FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller

“It’s a disgrace. We want to find out what happened with the last Democrat president. Let’s look into Obama the way they’ve looked at me from day one,” Trump said. “They’ve looked into everything that we’ve done.”

“Let’s subpoena all of his records,” Trump continued.

*Read the whole story at the link...https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/donald-trump-blames-barack-obama-051058681.html

Have you ever heard of SIDS... sudden income deficit syndrome.

Rudy Giuliani, Estranged Wife Argue in Court Over His Free Trump Legal Work

By Victoria Bekiempis 10 hrs ago /The Daily Beast

Rudy Giuliani is providing gratis legal work for President Donald Trump to shortchange estranged wife Judith Nathan Giuliani, her lawyer said Thursday during a proceeding in their increasingly acrimonious divorce.

“Not only is he working pro bono for the president, for this individual, but it’s costing him money,” said Bernard Clair, who represents Judith. “Not only does he work for free, but all of his expenses, every time he goes down to Washington, D.C., every time he travels for the president… it comes out of his own pocket.”

“When he’s going to work for the president, he bundles, for lack of a better word, clients from his other businesses” to defray these costs, including a recent trip to Warsaw, Poland, Clair said.

Clair said Giuliani’s work for Trump is meant to lead the court to “believe he somehow doesn’t have money.”
The lawyer added that Giuliani spent “over one million on credit cards” but “says ‘woe is me’ financially… ‘I don’t have any money left.’”
Giuliani borrowed $100,000 from Marc Mukasey, another one of Trump’s lawyers and has paid back some $90,000, Clair said.

Judith filed for divorce from the former New York City mayor in April 2018, after 15 years of marriage. Allegations that Giuliani has been holding out on her have been an ongoing theme of the divorce proceedings.
Clair alleged in court in November that Giuliani cried poor after she served him divorce papers. In addition to citing the no-cost legal work for Trump, Clair had claimed that Giuliani did so after spending $286,000 on his rumored girlfriend, a New Hampshire hospital administrator named Maria Rosa Ryan. ....read the whole article at the link

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