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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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So ISIS leader killed himself...Trump really embellished that incident.

Things that can be replaced....

printer ink
ISIS leaders
water filters

*you see where I'm going

So he told people to take out Osama Bin Laden before the trade center fell...

HE WANTS F****** CREDIT FOR BIN LADEN BEING KILLED!! ROFLMFAO. I have never seen such jealousy in my life.

You have to read this!


* John Kelly warned Trump he would be impeached if he hired a 'yes man'

"I said, whatever you do — and we were still in the process of trying to find someone to take my place — I said whatever you do, don't hire a 'yes man,' someone who won't tell you the truth — don't do that," Kelly said. "Because if you do, I believe you will be impeached."

His whole presidency is all about getting back at people who did nothing to him.

Oh and milking money from taxpayers for his own personal gain

The impeachment procedure...let's talk

At the federal level, the impeachment process is a three-step procedure.

First, the Congress investigates. This investigation typically begins in the House Judiciary Committee,

Second, the House of Representatives must pass, by a simple majority of those present and voting, articles of impeachment, which constitute the formal allegation or allegations. Upon passage, the defendant has been "impeached".

Third, the Senate tries the accused. In the case of the impeachment of a president, the Chief Justice of the United States presides over the proceedings. For the impeachment of any other official, the Constitution is silent on who shall preside, suggesting that this role falls to the Senate's usual presiding officer, the President of the Senate who is also the Vice President of the United States. Conviction in the Senate requires a two-thirds supermajority vote of those present. The result of conviction is removal from office.

So, what do you will happen in this process? IMO, the first procedure is being done, with pushback of course. The second procedure will be done , with pushback of course. Now the third, Pence will never convict Trump to remove him from office, nor will the Senate majority have him removed, they will exonerate him.

* What is your take on it?


Obama is the elephant in the room.

All of this DOJ investigation will lead to Barr and Trump going after Obama, he is the elephant in the room. I believe Obama will be indicted by Barr. Trump is insanely obsessed with Obama. Trump is a malignant narcissist, and all narcs have a target. Obama is the target. He is salivating just to say that Obama is indicted, he's a criminal, etc. He can't wait. He wants more than anything in this world to mar Obama's good name and his popularity and admiration from the American public and his good name with foreign leaders.

Finally, the real Lindsey Graham is back! I knew he couldn't resist being a tool . rofl

Graham says he's 'increasingly optimistic' Trump's Syria strategy will succeed

After spending a week railing against President Trump’s decision to pull U.S. troops out of northern Syria, abandoning America’s Kurdish allies and opening the door for Turkey’s deadly invasion, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on Sunday that he now supports the move.
“I’m increasingly optimistic this could turn out very well,” Graham told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “I am increasingly optimistic that we can have some historic solutions in Syria that have eluded us for years, if we play our cards right.”......(read the rest at the link)


ROFL... Trump having a meltdown . Watching on MSNBC. He is whining about everything

Emoluments clause
Obama and Netflix
Something about him being the best than any human that ever lived
Obama's book deal
I don't need promotions

it is so much he is rambling on,lol

Evil always has a plan...

I see what Trump is doing. I see it. So if the Kurds do not leave and the Turkish forces attack them, then Trump will say they had 5 days to leave, not my fault. It is the Kurd's fault. My hands are clean.
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