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Separated Parents Are Failing Asylum Screenings Because They're So Heartbroken

Immigration lawyers say separated parents are too grief-stricken to focus on their cases.

By Angelina Chapin

BROWNSVILLE, Texas ― Jodi Goodwin has spent the past month helping grief-stricken parents with their asylum cases.

On most days, the Harlingen, Texas-based immigration lawyer drives to the Port Isabel Detention Center just outside of Brownsville to meet with clients who were separated from their children. But, she says, those mothers and fathers are too devastated to prepare for their court hearings.

Instead, they replay the moment their kids were taken away by Border Patrol, worry about their children’s well-being, and ask repeatedly where their sons and daughters are. In some cases, they simply weep.

“They are losing it,” Goodwin said. “They are red-faced and have bloodshot eyes and all they do is cry. We are trying to ask them basic information but they are whimpering and they can’t talk.

“We are having to hug them and hold them tight to try and give them some kind of comfort,” she continued, starting to cry over the phone. “It’s ridiculous.”

President Donald Trump issued an executive order in June to end his own administration’s policy of separating families at the border. But there are still over 2,000 detained parents who haven’t seen, and in some cases spoken to, their children in over a month. And while a federal judge in San Diego ruled last week that the government must bring families back together within 30 days, lawyers told HuffPost they are not aware of any plan to reunite children with parents who decide to seek asylum in the U.S., a process that can take a few months.

In the meantime, they say, separated parents are too consumed with heartache to focus on their immigration cases. That puts them at a much higher risk of being deported back to countries where their lives are in danger.


This weeks idiot awards goes to...


I really need 500 of these cards to give out to Trumpaholics...

On MSNBC, wow House panel grilling Rosenstein on Wray and Clinton

Right now on MS

That Jordan guy is nasty.

N. Korea still building at nuclear site...we knew this amiright?

North Korea is carrying out rapid improvements to its nuclear research facility, a monitor said on Wednesday, despite declaring a commitment to denuclearisation of the peninsula at the Singapore summit.

The nuclear-armed North's leader Kim Jong Un promised to "work toward" the goal at a landmark summit in the city-state earlier this month with US President Donald Trump.

But the Singapore meeting failed to clearly define denuclearisation or produce a specific timeline towards dismantling the North's atomic weapons arsenal.

Trump claimed the process would start quickly, saying last week that "it will be a total denuclearisation, which is already taking place".

But recent satellite imagery showed that not only were operations continuing at present at the North's main Yongbyon nuclear site, it was also carrying out infrastructure works, said the respected 38 North website.

"Commercial satellite imagery from June 21 indicates that improvements to the infrastructure at... Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center are continuing at a rapid pace," it said.

It noted "continued operations" at the North's uranium enrichment plant and several new installations at the site -- including an engineering office and a driveway to a building housing a nuclear reactor.

But continued operations at the site "should not be seen as having any relationship with North Korea's pledge to denuclearise", it added.

Nuclear officials could be "expected to proceed with business as usual until specific orders are issued from Pyongyang", it said.

The North last month blew up its aged but only nuclear test site at Punggye-ri -- where it had staged six atomic tests -- in a show of goodwill before the summit.

But Pyongyang has kept its counsel on the denuclearisation issue since the meeting, although state media have dialled down propaganda against the US, long dubbed the "imperialist enemy".

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been pushing for more follow-up talks to flesh out details over denuclearisation but no date has been set for when they would take place.

Shortly after the summit with Kim, Trump declared that there was "no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea".

But highlighting the apparent gap between Trump's rhetoric and the facts on the ground, his administration on Friday extended decade-old sanctions against Kim's regime, citing the "extraordinary threat" from the North's nuclear arsenal.

Trump also ruffled feathers by abruptly announcing a halt to joint military drills with the ally the South after the Singapore summit, calling the exercises "provocative" to the North and "very expensive".

It took the Pentagon several hours to confirm the surprise decision, and the drills were only officially cancelled two weeks after the summit.

Now the US Defense Secretary James Mattis is set to visit Seoul on Thursday to discuss the issue with his South Korean counterpart.

Mattis, currently on his first-ever trip to China, will fly to Japan after visiting Seoul as part of his Asian tour.


Watching the race in Staten Island. I just had a hmm moment

Convicted felon and former Congressman Michael Grimm is running for the GOP primary in Staten Island NY. On July 17, 2015, Grimm was sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion. Weird to me that a convicted felon cannot vote in elections, but they can run for office?

yes, this guy...

What do you think?

Trump told the American people that his presidency will bring in thousands or even millions of jobs. He lied of course. Now that he imposed these tariffs, shit is backfiring on him and he will never take the blame for it. Instead, he is threatening companies that if they leave he will impose a heavy tax just to sell their goods in the U.S.He is also saying that if a company leaves they are unpatriotic too. Harley-Davison and Mid-Continent Nail are moving out of the U.S. cause the Trump tariffs are devastating their companies and they have been hit by layoffs as well. This bleeding will get worse and unfortunately the country will suffer

Let this sink in...

This is where we are right now, and the worst is yet to come

Trump is throwing shit on the wall and hoping it stick . eom

*Over 200 children separated at border brought to facility in East Harlem**

Eyewitness News
Updated 5 mins ago
HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- Hundreds of children who have been separated from their parents at the border are spending their days in a facility in East Harlem.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio visited the facility Wednesday and said the youngest of those children was just nine months old.

The mayor said 239 children are there. He said he was shocked to see the images playing out at the southern border and even more shocked that children by the hundreds had been coming to the city.

He spent nearly an hour at Cayuga Centers, a social service provider that has a contract with the federal government.

He met with administrators who told him at least 350 children have come through the facility since the federal government's zero tolerance policy went into effect.

He spoke at length about one 9-year-old boy Eddie, who came with his mother seeking asylum from Honduras. She is being held in Texas.

Eddie was put on a bus and transported 2,000 miles to Manhattan and he is far from alone.

De Blasio said he had no idea about the hundreds of children who had been taken there.

"Our message to the federal government is simple, stop this right now," said the mayor. "Stop this broken inhuman policy right now and come clean with the truth: who are these children, how many are they, where are they, what is happening here, how is it possible that none of us knew there were 239 kids right here in our own city."

The mayor will head to the border town of Tornillo, Texas, where he and mayors from across the country will attempt to gain access to the detention facility at the Marcelino Serna entry point Thursday morning.

The children in East Harlem are being placed in foster homes and come to the facility during the day where they work with social service providers.

Also, not all 239 kids are there inside the facility at one time.

Inside the Cayuga facility, the Mayor observed about 40 kids and 3 teachers in a classroom. He said that most kids were from Guatemala and that it "looked like kids were being treated well".

De Blasio said children have come with lice, bed bugs and chicken pox and contagious diseases.

The mayor said that people have made threats against the workers at Cayuga and that their anger is "misguided".

He instead said people should be upset with the Trump Administration. He said the NYPD will provide protection to this facility, and said he plans to be in touch with and visit other facilities around New York City.


***video at link
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