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Trump Threatens Congressional Health Insurance Benefits

Tweet may be prelude to rescinding employer contribution for members

President Donald Trump is considering stripping the employer contribution for health insurance away from members of Congress.

While the Trump White House has previously declined numerous requests from Roll Call to weigh in on the possibility, the president took to his favorite social media platform Saturday to make the threat himself.

“If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly,” Trump tweeted. “BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!”


* you cannot make this stuff up

What is he going to do, sign an executive order? lol

I see conflict in Kelly's future.

The responsibilities of the chief of staff are both managerial and advisory and can include the following:

1.Select key White House staff and supervise them;
2.Structure the White House staff system;
3.Control the flow of people into the Oval Office;
4.Manage the flow of information;
5.Protect the interests of the president;
6.Negotiate with Congress, other members of the executive branch, and extra-governmental political groups to implement the president's agenda; and
7.Advise the president on various issues, including telling the president what he does not want to hear.


* he won't be able to do any of these things.

Please caption Priebus!!

5 stages of White House employment

Im curious. How will Trump and his cabinet

explain his signing the sanctions to his base? Trumps base was very adamant about him protecting Russia.Remember, Trump said Obama was weak on Russia. I guess people can say about him now. I smell a rally. The Freepers are not even talking about this.

***Breaking*** MSNBC

Trump decided to sign the Russian sanction bill

popcorn time ......

Watching Richard Engel on MSNBC. Special report.

If you have Kaspersky lab, you really need to watch this!

Trump encourages cops to commit police brutality

Donald Trump’s speech was made more disturbing as Suffolk County cops cheered the idea of police brutality

Updated July 28, 2017 6:45 PM
By Mark Chiusano

President Donald Trump loves his crowds big and beautiful, boisterous and larger-than-usual. He likes the nice surprise they present around every corner. But it was a very specific crowd that awaited him at Suffolk County Community College on Friday: one made up almost entirely of uniformed police.

They lined the stage behind him, their white-gloved dress-uniform hands folded. They sat in the small auditorium in front of the podium. They were guests from out of state, federal officers from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and local cops from Suffolk County, some of them actively engaged in the fight against the violent MS-13 street gang that has killed 17 Long Islanders within a few miles of where the president was about to speak.

As expected Trump praised their work on that front, which has helped to prevent that vicious gang’s crimes and bring criminals to justice. But then he went further: encouraging officers “not to be too nice.” To be “rough” when throwing someone “into the back of a paddy wagon.” When they were pushing a suspected killer’s head into the squad car with a hand over the perp’s head, don’t worry about hitting the head. “You can take the hand away,” Trump said.

Leave aside the crude cops-and-robbers understanding of police work and the vehicles they now use that this suggests. Forget that Trump was suggesting behavior that, if caught on body-camera or bystander video, might get an officer fired. Let’s pretend that Suffolk County’s last police chief wasnt convicted in federal court for beating up a guy who took a gym bag from his car.


MSNBC........ Breaking

Russia punishing USA for sanctions....

Russia Seizes 2 U.S. Properties and Orders Embassy to Cut Staff

* what are you going to do Trump? lol

So Trump threatens Lisa Murkowski ...

and tells her he will cut federal aid to Alaska. All because she didn't vote the way he wanted. Dictator and Bully.
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