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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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I found this very nice picture of a young Obama

So Papadapolous was wearing a wire??!! How interesting.

You think Trump is on those audios?

Have any Republican Senators and Congressional members said anything about today's events?

I haven't seen a thing

Follow the money...


Papadopolous plead guilty, do you think Manafort will sing about Trump knowing he faces years in Federal prison?

Sarah Sanders on tv now . Here comes the lies and deflection and the Hilary comments

2 + 2 equals 4 right?

If Trump's former Advisor George Papadopoulos lied to federal prosecutors about his meeting with Russians and he pleads guilty, that can only mean now he will be indicted and charged. So this means Donald Jr. is next too.

He tweeted...


* It's killing him not to be tweeting something else.lol

Trump "proud" he rebranded media "fake news" ...roflmao

He actually thinks he came up with the term ...roflmao

Trump's next target...Sudan

Nikki Haley delivers ultimatum to South Sudan president

By Daniel Uria | Oct. 25, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Oct. 25 (UPI) -- U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Wednesday warned South Sudan's president the United States may no longer provide aid if violence continues in the country.

Haley warned President Salva Kiir that the "United States is at a crossroads" following refugees' reports of violence and cruelty carried out by government forces during the nation's civil war. She said the reports may jeopardize the country's access to aid and other assistance from the United States.

"We have to decide how we're going to look at South Sudan going forward, and that will be based on how he goes from here," she said. "And based on his actions the United States will act accordingly."

Haley said she told Kiir the United States needs to see him "right the ship," adding the president acknowledged what she had to say and wasn't defensive.

"It was a very honest conversation. I basically said the United States had invested well over $11 billion in South Sudan and into him, and that we were now questioning that investment. I told them that he couldn't deny the stories about his military," she said.

Haley was forced to cut short a visit to meet with civilians impacted by the South Sudan conflict at a U.N. camp in Juba after hundreds of people protesting Kiir arrived at the camp.

Her security team determined the situation was unsafe and escorted her away.

"The situation just got a little out of hand and our security colleagues decided it was better to be safe and depart a little early," a spokesman said.

During an earlier visit to a "women- and girl-friendly space" Haley heard stories of rape, murder and survival from various women.

"I was mad when I left the camp. How do you not go through listening to those women talk and hearing what their families went through and not just be totally angry at those that are responsible?" she asked.


You know it is coming one day, the Trump movie. Cast it.

Of course, Alec Baldwin plays Trump
Caitlyn Jenner can play Melania Trump ( they do look alike)
Miles Teller as Jared Kushner
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