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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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Diplomats Owe NYC $16M in Unpaid Parking Tickets


**all they have to do is cry 'diplomatic immunity' and it's good. What if we cry 'domestic immunity?**

if this was us, we would be locked up very quickly and our car repo'd

McCain says Obama administration ‘the worst that I have ever seen’

Sep. 22, 2014 Pete Kasperowicz


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blamed President Barack Obama for creating the conditions that allowed the Islamic State to flourish in the Middle East, and declared that in his long life, he’s never seen a worse administration.

“What’s happening in the Middle East today is not like a hurricane or an earthquake or a dust cloud that’s just sort of an accident of nature,” McCain said Monday in an interview with KFYI radio in Arizona. “It is because of a failed, feckless foreign policy on the part of this president, which we’re going to be paying for for a long, long time.”

In the 70's this was ISIS...

Now it is this...


medical examiner's findings were clearly influenced by police - Oklahoma City

Results of a private autopsy on a man who died following a confrontation in front of the Warren Theatre differ from a report from the state medical examiner.

The private autopsy found Luis Rodriguez, 44, died from asphyxia, attorneys for Rodriguez’s widow said at a news conference Tuesday.

Rodriguez died Feb. 15 following an encounter with five law enforcement officers outside the Warren Theatre in Moore. Three Moore police officers and two game wardens struggled to handcuff Rodriguez in the parking lot.

The state medical examiner said Rodriguez died of a heart condition known as cardiac arrhythmia, brought on by physical restraint. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn announced June 20 he would not file charges on the officers.


do we need to say more?





So the United States is going all alone in these airstrikes. Anyone surprised?

Cheney about to make more money ..Halliburton.

How do you destroy ISIS, when Al-Qaeda couldn't be destroyed?
More budgets cut coming
Middle class and poor taxes going up
What do you think Russia will do if we attack Syria?

This day in history...September 10, 2014. John McCain is still an asshole

lies, lies, withdrawing of troops in Iraq did not create ISIS.

John McCain such a liar. So busy trashing the President.

So we'll NEVER leave Iraq if McCain had his way.

Rethugs,baggers, extremist say EVERYTHING is Obama's fault.

list of things I think they will use to blame Obama...

1. oversleeping
2. breaking your nail
3. expired coupons
4. spoiled milk
5. not catching Bigfoot
6. a flat tire
7. your leaky faucet
8. junk mail
9. losing your cellphone signal
10. not liking your blind date
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