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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
Number of posts: 12,608

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For years...

people played soccer...no one said a damn thing
Latinos were here....no one said a damn thing
women used birth control pills...no one said a damn thing
Presidents used executive orders...no one said a damn thing
people used food stamps...no one said a damn thing

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats head to southern US border on Saturday..

to meet detained minors.


The biggest bullshitiest answer this week by Rethugs...

When John Boehner was asked what specific charges he was sueing Obama on ,Boehner responded to the reporter......." When I decide that I'll let you know"

List of things that are a Obama distraction..

stubbing your toe
a hang nail
having to change your batteries in your remote control
losing one of your contact lenses

I was driving home. I came to a traffic light. I stopped on the red.

While I was sitting there I glanced over at the store sign in the window. There was a sale on large eggs. After the light changed I decided to go to this store and get those eggs that were on sale. I pulled into the parking lot. Walked into the store and purchased the eggs. Left the store got back into my car and drove home. ........Typical Obama distraction for me to get those eggs by causing me to stop on the red light and.

This is how easy it is for them to tell their ilk that everything is a Obama distraction. Just think whoever's minded their followers are.

Who likes Steve Kornacki?

He is such a dynamo.Him and Rachel are both so smart. I love when he is on her show.

Boehner lawsuit: tax funded by the American people.

We should sue him for using our tax payers money for this bullshit.Counterclaim.

Cute baby eating sour lemon...too cute


such innocence brings me joy. I love babies

watch live hearing on unaccompanied children crossing border


The Onion fools many with ‘stop-and-kiss’ video parodying NYPD


**People actually fell for this** lol
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