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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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This is just adorable..warning really cute


I have iron clad proof Chris Christie is innocent.


"See dear, the man upstairs says I'm innocent."

"There's the culprit of the bridge scandal, Obama."

"I pray that the lord will reveal my accusers."

"Hey, maybe you did it."

"I give you 5 good reasons to prove to you I'm innocent."

" Look at that face, innocence written all over"

McCain Looks to U.S. Companies in Russia If Putin Pushes


"He's back!!!" Rudy Guili disses the Christie investigation..just a bit


Gov. Christie’s internal Bridgegate review ‘not conclusive,’ former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani says
Giuliani, whose former chief of staff conducted the Christie-ordered review, admitted that the report left many questions about the George Washington Bridge lane closures unanswered.


Chris and Rudy..in happier times

Beck on Bachmann.“She’s not dead to me, but she is in ill health.. this has got to stop".

Bachmann: NSA scandal a “false narrative”; Glenn: She’s not dead to me but in ill health


We have known this for a long long time

100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican


Aww, look. Allen West trying to stay relevant. rofl

Allen West blitzes NLRB football ruling


Republican Steven Seagal Backs Putin on Crimea


The action movie star called Putin “one of the great living world leaders” in a lengthy interview ...Seagal added in the interview that he “would like to consider [Putin] as a brother.”Seagal told Rossiskaya Gazeta that he’s even open to becoming a Russian citizen, despite his love for the United States.

Watching the news..So Christie walks?

The report is from his attorneys?..go figure. roflmao

Ok..note to self....Of course Christies lawyers say he is innocent. I should've had a V8

This is so laughable I'm in tears...


Sarah Palin slams Obama: Don’t cede Internet to ‘authoritarian regimes’

** She couldn't name one book or magazine she has read, she couldn't name any Supreme Court decisions other than Roe v Wade,, she thought Africa was a country and North Korea was our friends, ...now were supposed to believe she is an authority on the corporation for internet domain names and numbers ???**

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