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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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Warning of Graphic images: Ofc. Darren Wilson "injuries" after getting "beatdown" by Michael Brown

Good thing he "healed" for his tv interview


reporter says there are fires all over town and he is smiling...so is everyone else. Wheres the police?

Where's the National Guard?

Cop standing with the rioters..lol

But look...peaceful protest, what a threat. They were peppersprayed.

cops wearing cams. what do you think?

I think cops who are dirty will use the " during-the-struggle-he-tore-the-camera-off-me-and-it-was-destroyed" so no evidence can be collected.

The world is in chaos.Feels like an alternate reality.

Look at the Akai Gurley murder by NYPD


Unarmed 28-year-old Akai Gurley was accidentally shot dead by a rookie police officer in Brooklyn who was walking with his gun drawn in a dark stairwell in a crime-ridden housing complex. Gurley took the stairs cause the elevator took so long to come. He had no idea who shot him.

*This is just so fucked up*

Darren Wilson and his bride have probably already left Missouri.

The Prosecutor ... smh. Darren Wilson got special treatment according to news feeds

Are the authorities in Ferguson really going to allow the KKK there?

Seems like they want to add fuel to the fire.


They police have an arsenal in Ferguson Missouri on standby...This is not Afghanistan

and the citizens there are not ISIS

Let's play scare a republican..

name things you might say to rethugs that will scare them silly

1. "There is a law that allows Presidents to seek a third term if they wish"

Why are the Rethugs so afraid of immigration reform?

So many threats coming from them.Pathetic
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