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plimsoll's Journal
plimsoll's Journal
April 11, 2022

An interesting article from John Pavlovits

A Funeral for My Christianity

I’ve been saying something like this for several years now, often to be met with fury by those who identify as Christians. In essence the current state is similar to the situation following the conference of Nicaea, what had been Christian is now heresy, and those of you who have considered yourselves Christian and liberal are now cast out. The Emperor Donald has declared the new orthodoxy, and “You ain’t it.”

I’m not going to discuss actual doctrine, or “the real Christ/Jesus,” because in the common parlance those finer points don’t signify. The media, center, right and far right universally use Christian as code for white nationalist. Even if that wasn’t the intent that is what it has become.

I’m sorry folks but you’re not Christian anymore. The question is no longer, “They can’t define themselves as the one true Christians,” because they didn’t the rest of society did it with them. The question is can we truly have a separation of church and state when one party is the Christian party in a Christian nation, and if we do should those of us who are “non-believers” be forced to subsidize our own subjugation.
April 8, 2022

Got in my 100k ride for April yesterday.

Freak good weather in Puget Sound area yesterday, but I put it to full advantage.

Great day, but a couple road closures made things slower and stranger.

Two Lakes Loop RUSA #3502

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