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plimsoll's Journal
plimsoll's Journal
December 18, 2022

100k Winter Solstice Ride today.

Temp 33 and felt like 28 (if you were standing still)and snow, snow mixed with rain for most of the ride. One of those, "been there done that bought the T-shirt rides."

And I was slow 4:30 moving time, 5:15 clock time (it's an official event).

Nice ride though. 2022 Winter Solstice Populaire.

December 4, 2022

Elon Musk vs. Bond villains.

My son and I were talking about Elon yesterday and realized that he's not even a very good villain. Most Bond villains had a plan and that plan almost worked, with Musk it's hard if not impossible to tell if there's a plan. Sure he's got the money and if he bought a boiler suit and got a cat he'd be able to pull of the look, but Blofeld was clearly a better strategist. It's like he's trying to play the minion and the mastermind at the same time and can't manage either one.

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