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Nope. It's just an inference.

My bad!

eta: but I take them at their word, and they are universal in their acclaim for Justin Trudeau's political leadership and program as evidenced so far.

I'm amazed. It in fact is contrary to Hillary Clinton's "plans" in just about all ways. Justin Trudeau's Liberals are a little to the left of Bernie Sanders, and Stephen Harper was/is a little to the left of Hillary Clinton - IMO of course. If Canadians used mungy third-way words to describe politics, Trudeau would be "a centrist", as it's seen up here. Not exactly a "socialist", as per the NDP, or even decidedly "left" as the left is defined here. We're waiting to see and as someone said to me "He's a wild card. Look at his mother, first, then at his father."

But jeez, it's nice to be rid of Harper and that kind of myopic corporate extremism.

What this election did was put a STOP (sorry for the caps) to the "swing to the right" of Harper's Reform/Conservative rule, which ruled Canada essentially as a company town taking orders from absent owners.
A bit like Hillary will rule the USA, except only as an echo in comparison, I'm afraid to say. That STOP is something, but otherwise not all that substantive.

Substantive was that on his first day he contacted Obama to explain that Canada would no longer being doing bombing runs in the ME. On his FIRST DAY. I didn't believe it when I read it first on DU and said so, and was chastised when a few hours later I got "a better link". So I know about "proofs" and "links" - and that I got caught out badly in my wording of this OP.

Your OP claims that Canada has a "growing Jihadi cancer".

It claims that Canadian Muslims are secretly taught to hate Canada in their mosques.
It claims that Canadian Muslims are taught that it's forbidden to sing the Canadian national anthem.
It claims that the US/Canadian border is a problem because of a Canadian Muslim threat.

Your OP is written by a US American "journalist" based in Paris, France - who writes hearsay and totally made up nonsense in opposition to the direction our new Prime Minister is taking, starting the long process of ramping down the pro-war_on_terror hysteria that has fueled so much hate, war and death over the past 14 years.

I'm a Canadian and I live in a very multicultural (Canada is an explicitly multicultural country) area of one of our larger cities. I'm surrounded by Jewish/Muslim/Christian/Atheist/Buddhist/Jain/Sihk/etc. people, all of whom live and interact in harmony. I'm surrounded by Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, Norwegian, British, French, Iranian, Russian, Pakistani, Indian, First Nations, ...., people, all living and working together in harmony, making this a good place to bring up our families. When I knock on doors for my candidate at election time I'm met with grace by near all residents, regardless of their cultural background.

I totally resent your divisive, war mongering, fear mongering OP. Your portrayal of Muslims as secretly out to destroy Canada, as taught in their mosques. You have no idea how much I resent the politics of hate that brought the neverending Afghanistan war, the Iraq war, the war on Libya, on Syria, on Yemen, and I wince when people claim that the war isn't a war of choice and isn't already happening. Esp. when they post anti-muslim war propaganda while flying Hillary's banner.

I don't see why any Dem candidate should boast that they can get along with Republicans.

Republicans have never returned the favor, so at this point I think sucking up is overdone. Maxed out.
And how many hundreds of millions of $$ has another Dem candidate been bought for?

I think it's time to take the game to them.
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