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Member since: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 01:12 AM
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They'll say "Jeb, what have you got that Trump hasn't got?"

They'll say "Jeb, Carson is an awesome force in the Republican party today, and what have you got that Carson hasn't got?"

Jeb'll be flustered and say "but I'm just old likable me!".

Then they'll turn on the home movie of George W. Bush striding across the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, crotch bulging with the kind of magic that had Chris Matthews gushing "we're all neocons, now!", and ask Jeb how his crotch can compare.
I'm not sure whether Jeb'll feel at home with his crotch, at that time.

But that's politics in the USA, and at that it's just half of the Bush and Clinton family series of operettas.

It's ongoing. It's all the rage.

That she finally said it was wrong, doesn't erase the horror.

Then there's Libya. And Syria.
Her accomplishments. AKA "Friends Of X".

You want someone that wrong to lead the USA for the next 8 years?

Yes. Something is truly fucked, when I think "USA and GUNS".

It goes deep.
Hillary Clinton is known to be a "hawk".
She isn't known to be all that understanding.
She is known for being imperious.
But that isn't necessarily a good thing.

The USA needs an Universal Health Care Plan.

So it can join the 21st century.

The USA must by now have had enough of this rinky dink bullshit?

A good read. Thanks for the link.

There's so much to think about, and the important thing is to keep thinking. Not let them drown your thoughts out with their pre-packaged holiday plans.

I'm reminded of a clip I saw of an interviewer doing a quick q & a of some students after Bernie Sanders' speech at Liberty University, where a (just one! others were much more positive!) student said that he agreed 100% with what Sanders said about what needs to be done, but dismissed Sanders by saying that he thinks it (social movement for the betterment of people) all ought to be done through individual charity and by churches. Not through democratic government. The conclusion I came to after listening to the student was that the student preferred that all morality should be happenstance, whimsical, individual, and that there aren't universal standards that people in democratic alliance can and should achieve.

My own view is the exact opposite of that.
I think individuals are too lazy to be "ethical" on any consistent basis.
Although charity is a virtue, for sure, it can't be depended on to solve any existing wide ranging social problem.
To suppose otherwise is to contribute to those problems.

Big banks and investment capital, and war profiteers, demand return on investment.

They'll drop a politician like a hot potato if there is no return.
We can know that for a certainty.

Not at all similar when that same bought politician assumes leadership of the LGBT and Black Lives Matter social justice movements, "for free" as it were, claiming that his/her entire contradictory past didn't happen and that the financial ties don't exist.
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