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Member since: Sun Nov 25, 2012, 01:12 AM
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Isn't that what some people think Dems ought to always do? Every time?

Shouldn't Dems always be reacting to Republicans, trying their best to please them - so Republicans don't say so many bad things?
Shouldn't everything that Dems stand for be defined to please Republicans? After all, unlike Dems who have nothing, Republicans have the filibuster to stop any independent Dem policy in its tracks. That's history.
I'm confused on this -- it seems to be a default go-to argument of many Dems who post to DU and though I don't like it at all, it sure seems to be a popular political approach.

Hillary is bad news. A war monger supreme. In the pockets of investment banking interests.

She and her husband took in $25 million from speaking fees alone, direct to their private account, for 2014 and early 2015. So right until now when she's making her run they've been raking it in.
That's hard to write off as insignificant, esp. considering the hundreds of thousands of dead the wars that she supports produce - and the limited benefit to be had beyond for those in a select well moneyed crew.

This is a problem that she can't avoid, nor can the Democratic Party avoid it if they choose her to lead.

I wouldn't want to be a US American faced between a choice between Hillary and some Republican clone.
Forced to pretend that there's some real difference, beyond mere slogans. Trying to pretend that it's all worth it.
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