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Member since: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 05:51 PM
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It's not that I hadn't expected it to be...

Especially when the pandemic got rolling. I knew it would take those two and others, they were vulnerable by age alone.

There was something I did conclude on my own early into the pandemic, tough, that I will briefly describe here as we are now in the end of the first stage of the process.

Cultural anthropology is where I am coming from here though genetic anthropology is the place the original theory was determined;

Remember Stephen Jay Gould? Remember his theory of Punctuated Equilibrium? (I realize that Dr. Gould was a genetic anthropologist and his theory is meant to describe an attribute of genetic evolution, I have managed to extrapolate the basic theory to a more mundane level of culture, and philosophical ecosystems.)

Briefly, the theory claims that evolution did not occur in a metered set of steps, rather, they took place during , perhaps, catastrophic events in leaps and bounds which is where some genetic selection took place due to necessity of survival. (How's that for brief? )

So I have concluded that this pandemic will prove itself to be one of those punctuated equilibrium events where all of our species is affected by the same thing which will cause all of our species to come to a reckoning on the philosophical, spiritual and cultural levels all within a rather short time frame, thus the word punctuated.

Now, two years in, I am seeing some areas of significant change, Hard to articulate at this point put things are definitely shifting on many levels, hang in there 'cause we're only two years in on a three to five year process. Changes will include a reduction in global population though we won't know how significant that will be until three or four years from now. People on the planet now are all in some kind of internal review, some will learn from it, others not.

I just hope the changes bring us to a better place as a species, if not, the planet will evict us.

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