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Servius Valerius

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Member since: Sat Nov 10, 2012, 12:32 PM
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Hail the Forum!

Dear Friends,

My name for purposes of political discourse is Servius, in the tradition of those who once wrote here as Publius and Brutus, in Britain as Junius. I strive to love those who march against my concerns in the world, even if I stand with resolve and firmness against their ideas.

I stand for a balanced and patient approach to justice, for justice cannot arise from hate but only from love. As Russell Kirk once said:
The Permanence of a society is formed by those enduring interests and convictions that gives us stability and continuity; without that Permanence, the fountains of the great deep are broken up, society slipping into anarchy. The Progression in a society is that spirit and that body of talents which urge us on to prudent reform and improvement; without that Progression, a people stagnate.

I see in our society today a divergence, where some on the left strive for Progression without much appreciation for Permanence. Likewise, many on the right seem to strive for Permanence without much regard for Progression. Incarnate in law, this can lead to imprudent reforms by the left, the preservation of faulty norms, mores and traditions by the right.

Principles endure timelessly, though their realization in applicable policy depends upon how the light of eternal truths shines through the lens of the present. The clarity of that light is dependent upon the quality of our political discourse- and that quality is sinking. On the right, we have the disparaging portrayal of left-leaning Americans as 'godless' 'communists' and of course 'Un-American.' On the left we have the renunciation of and sneering at those Americans on the right as 'bitter old white men' 'clinging to guns and religion' and 'waging a war on women.' On neither side do I see a respectful recognition of the principles which those who disagree with you stand for.

We need many voices that cry for Progress, many for Permanence- and far more still for both! Thus, I ask nobody to change their core principles. However, I believe that good policy results from healthy dialogue between the varied perspectives. Indeed, in our current Congress, a moderation of discourse may necessary for the passing of any policy at all. And I believe that health in political discourse will have to grow from the roots.

Posted by Servius Valerius | Mon Nov 12, 2012, 12:50 PM (1 replies)
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