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Member since: Sat Nov 10, 2012, 06:30 AM
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Skimming the headlines scrolling past my eyes, I've noticed a current fascination.....

with "China War" scenarios using some oxygen in the fear-o-sphere.

Military types calling for additional troops and technologies deployments in the western Pacific. Some worry about China swallowing Taiwan at some future point in time. Others worry that China will occupy the pedestal of super-est superpower and that the US has got to beef up to keep up. Haven't seen any concern about corrupt totalitarianism in the Philippines though or the threat of Japan's continued dependence on nuclear power to meet their energy needs.

I know there are some A-class thinkers at DU and would like to read their 'knowledge of' or 'take on' this stuff. Anybody know anything or is this just neo-con fearmongering celebrating the fact that a Democrat is POTUS and they still own the media? Like the Pacific itself, these are big questions. Are they legitimate?
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