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and this is exactly where the gop want the american public

the recent dis-spiriting news of racial bigotry and crimes against people of color along with the circus and theater in congress are frustrating and overwhelming for many who feel their votes mean nothing.

meanwhile, msm is spreading the "powerless" themes and capitalizing on the sensational depressing stories aimed at democrats and people who respond to the emotional attacks and sensibilities of people who clamor for social justice. the overkill is deadening the populace. jeez. i'm worn out myself - then i come here and it is overwhelming.

positivity, people - let's keep it positive - if there is a disturbing fact or story - provide a solution or action for voters. let's empower one another and strengthen our base.

the gop are well aware that a group of committed individuals can move a progressive agenda and that united we stand - so their tactics are to separate and weaken our resolve and passion for social justice.

put up your shields and show others how to do the same!

well, i have been there

so you cannot tell me not to go there.
i do not go to alt med, by the way. nor do i take things solely because they are touted to be natural.

first, yes, i do have a racial bias about white men in science and their arrogant denigrating attitudes toward women in science. that is an entire category of misogyny & bigotry in and of itself.

second, having faced a catastrophic diagnosis and prognosis in 1985 which i overcame and survived against odds by not following my specialist's pharmaceutical recommendations - but instead working with this doctor for over a year to monitor my status on a weekly basis. "what are you doing? it's amazing" i was asked and though i detailed my activities, diet, and lifestyle changes - the doctor did not notate nor acknowledge one single thing i did to alter my life's trajectory.

first do no harm?

when one considers the deaths and complications individuals have suffered at the hands of poorly regulated pharmaceuticals with known but not reported side effects and contraindications it is more likely first, harm is done. just look at the courts and try reading the inserts with medications these days - and the requirements for constant monitoring with frequent blood panels.

i do agree - medicine is medicine is medicine - but base my respect and honoring of medicine on healing - not only white man's narrowly and inept definition of science. science is in it's infancy. so much is unknown - there should be some respect for this fact.


according to you the only medicine is that discovered by white men over the past 300 years, right? from the way pharmaceuticals are ravaging the last few remaining cornucopia's of medicinal plants and healing medicinal cures & modalities used by indigenous shamans, your statement is incorrect.

let me tell you, if you were suffering from some type of dysfunction - bronchial infection or other, and there are no eastern type doctors or pharmacies for hundreds of miles around - good luck to you.

st johns wart is an herbal supplement

and not a homeopathic remedy which is in the alternative herbal medicine category. there is a difference.

i encourage you to learn the distinction. homeopathy has a 200 + yr history of proven homeopathic remedies backed with meticulous records and methods of provings by samuel hahnemann. 200+ years - not something pharmaceutical companies can claim for any of their patented chemical compounds nurtured more by corporate greed and not persons with a drive and commitment to healing disease.

alternative medicine is the broader category which includes other healing modalities such as herbals, bach flower remedies, chinese herbal medicine, indigenous herbal medicine, shamanic healing, acupuncture, etc.

western medicine has made some progress - but has really declined in efficacy due to greed and arrogance from refusing to acknowledge medicine practiced for thousands of years by indigenous cultures around the globe.

in my opinion, western medicine does not compare to the time tested hahnemann, chinese herbal, and many other efficacious indigenous modalities for treatment. at least they have the integrity to serve by healing - over money.

are you aware that many chemical compounds out released by american pharmacies are not as regulated as the public is led to believe? they are too often summarily given approval with out the time tested and quality assurance purview by the fda more often than you think.

there are quality, tested

supplements and homeopathic remedies which i purchase and they are not a waste of my money, either.

but not the pockets of pharmaceuticals

which supposedly only develop medicines they can patent and sell for hundreds of dollars per dose to treat the symptoms and ensure there is no cure?

oh, and have you ever read the side effects and contraindications for pharmaceuticals printed in such teeny print that no one bothers to read them?

and, do not overlook the truth of who is also stripping the pocket books of the poor and middle class: doctors and medical facilities and insurance companies that reap benefits from prescribing medicines & procedures that do more harm than good.

they are all a disgrace and make a mockery of the oath to heal - choosing money over true medicine to make poor people poorer. they strip the middle class of their savings and retirements and sanity with the game of kicking coverage, or acceptance, and deciding which procedures and medications are even allowed for a sick person when they and their family are at their most vulnerable state.

hospitals and doctors may be able to set a bone or transplant a heart and have the technology for expensive machines ~ but ~

no thanks. i'll take the bowl of herbs and an organic bone broth with some sunshine and laughter.

p.s. i'll take 200 years of traditional provings over 3 months of questionable testing of questionable pharmaceuticals compounded with questionable ingredients in substandard environments with minimally trained "technicians".

i figured this kind of anti homeopathy propaganda would emerge following the vaccine controversy.

there are no patents for traditional homeopathic remedies so, there is no money in them - except for perhaps an affordable 3 months of doses for $13. can't make trillions of dollars at that rate, right.

agreed elias - respect the house one is in

if one has criticisms or sanctions meet on neutral ground and at least have some knowledge and understanding of the other country's history, culture, customs - and use them as tools/ insight to reach common ground & achieve / negotiate compromise instead of demanding like an arrogant self righteous bull in a china shop. offending the other country achieves nothing but hostility and resentment, enemies, and war.

i have a true respect for the way she handled the press conference today

beginning with a rebuke of the 47 traitors.
she served the president and our nation well as secretary of state.
it is ridiculous how the rethugs want blood and her personal emails - sheesh. for all of our sake, they better not get them. every appointed member of someone's cabinet is vetted for integrity and honesty to reflect the standards of the elected commander & chief. we know what liars the bush administration turned out to be & it is a reflection of their entire administration. however, president obama's administration has shown otherwise & i expect she has proven herself as sos under president obama.

hope she has some competition at the primaries and a debate - because i do see her as a war hawk and a wall street/corporate supporter and i want to hear from her on issues of war, wall street, the environment, social security, education, etc. because i consider myself a socialist democrat.

however, if she wins the primary, i will vote for her. i will NEVER give my vote away to a candidate from another party again if it means giving my vote to a lying, repiglican, again.

it is their way of flogging the president

to humiliate him and "whip him" into "place" because they certainly can no longer string him up a tree. they have stated over and over that the president has outstepped his bounds with executive orders, etc. up until now it has been words and blocking legislation along with attacking just about anything he has favored.

it is hideous for me to write these words. but when this news was announced earlier today - i really tried to understand why the self righteous legislators would do something so dangerous to sensitive negotiations - this is what it looks like to me. they must have a whole lot of skin in their "game".

this is what happens when belligerence is "tolerated" without consequences in order to insure and safeguard our democracy.
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