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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,942

Journal Archives

The balanced brilliance of Stan Musial

He had 1815 hits on the road and 1815 hits at home.

What sport makes the best material for movies?

I say boxing.

Given Drumpt's attempted power grab and the

month we are in Hollywood should make a movie and call it 7 Days in May.

Hey wait a minute.

What is the only thing a coral reef is afraid of?

Current events.

Jobs you would have than Drumpt's Press Secretary.

Porta Potty Crap burner.

Chumming for sharks with my own shaving cuts.

Test aiming circle for Lawn Darts.

Drumpt contradicts Sanders, Spicer, Spence, but probably not Putin.

Thrown under the bus is a professional hazard of working for Drumpt.

Just an observation about medical care. Whenever I see these

TV commercials showing car wrecks and big life saving techniques and hospital technology I find myself saying can't afford that one, or that one either.

I'll take a cab to the hospital or maybe just to urgent care.

Do you think Rosenstein is waking up to the fact he got played

like a violin by Drumpt?

Fox News will eventually headline the Comey firing this way:

President Trump has concluded Directory Comey colluded with the Russians and Hillary Clinton to influence how his inaugural crowd was misreported and therefore no longer had the confidence of Russian security agencies.

Reporting on MSNBC ex-Congressman Mike Rogers as possibility for FBI Director n/t

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