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New Haven

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Current location: Connecticut
Member since: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 10:27 AM
Number of posts: 934

About Me

A child of the 60\\\'s, a lifelong Democrat and a sense that our elected officials , especially the President, set the tone of civility in our great country. I worked on JFK\\\'s campaign and on Barack Obama\\\'s (twice). High School Class of 1963 I was moved by MLK\\\'s march on Washington, and to see that go full circle and have Mr. Obama for President is quite gratifying. When I see remnants of the John Birch society still quite active in the Tea Party it strengthens my beliefs and support of the Democratic Party.

Journal Archives

New Haven CT ---VAX TO THE MAX

Friday 9/24/21 2:15 pm watch President Biden announce the availability for us over 65 at Walgreen's. Get in car. Arrive Walgreen ==3:20pm ------no appointment ---walk in ---3rd Pfizer vaccine 3:55 ----walk out DONE!!

We brought our original card with us from February and basic info on our profile.

We tried to make an appointment on line like the first one , but the web site/software was not up to speed --

did not buy the Halloween candy corn on the way out

Will be in Charleston at Christmas

Nov '69 Up on Cripple Creek on the Ed Sullivan show


Anita Hill is exactly who we need right now at SCOTUS

I do believe that Ginni Thomas can not take the heat and embarrassment of an investigation into the January 6 treason. It could be enough for to make her husband step down if he sees his wife going through a heavy cross examination. A person that is uniquely qualified for SCOTUS is Anita Hill. Biden would be haviing a chance to make amends and the court would be rocketed into a new formation. Dr Hill is 56 years old and i think she has an 30 year term to look forward to.


subpeona their DNA


because these rioters defecated and urinated inside the Capitol it is a reason to subpeona all of them to provide a DNA sample. It is an opportunity to do some matching and find them guilty on other charges elsewhere

Texas 38 electoral votes -a weapon of mass destruction for the GOP

TURN TEXAS BLUE----Cruz only had a 2% win over Beto O'Rourke. So if we can turn Virginia and GEorgia blue we certainly should be able to turn TEXAS BLUE in 2022, and then again in 2024. There is a younger crowd in Texas and it is starting to look like Georgia. And after all the carnage from the GOP's mishandling of Covid the door seems to be openingn quite a bit
Posted by Always Randy | Fri Jan 8, 2021, 06:49 PM (7 replies)
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