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New Haven

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Current location: Connecticut
Member since: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 10:27 AM
Number of posts: 934

About Me

A child of the 60\\\'s, a lifelong Democrat and a sense that our elected officials , especially the President, set the tone of civility in our great country. I worked on JFK\\\'s campaign and on Barack Obama\\\'s (twice). High School Class of 1963 I was moved by MLK\\\'s march on Washington, and to see that go full circle and have Mr. Obama for President is quite gratifying. When I see remnants of the John Birch society still quite active in the Tea Party it strengthens my beliefs and support of the Democratic Party.

Journal Archives

The Insane Clown Posse--These people are doing the most for the Democratic Party

The Crazy House-----the Tea Party controlled US Congress is doing more to get Democratic candidates elected in the next few cycles. The video clips and sound bites are the fodder of election winning cannon. Not only will their constituents help take them down, but the Republican leadership-----the dyed in the wool politicos---will work behind their backs to unseat them. The dirty tricks played on these people will be epic. The Democrats probably will not have to do much more than get out the vote (GOTV). When Ted Cruz is upstaging the Sunday morning stalwarts like McCain, Graham, and Boehner and stealing the show you can bet they will be revengeful. We are about to witness one of the biggest intra party political fights in our country's history.

Please continue, Governor!

Hold your position Mr. President.

Clinton health care plan of 1993--how a lot of Republicans learned to hate Hillary

Clinton health care plan of 1993

The Clinton health care plan, known officially as the Health Security Act, was a 1993 healthcare reform package proposed by the administration of President Bill Clinton and closely associated with the chair of the task force devising the plan, First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton.


BUT WAIT! Biden in Iowa---Is 2016 in his sights


or is it part of a beautifully orchestrated road paving for Hillary-----you have to remember that Hillary spoke before Congress in favor of healthcare change when Bill was president-----that was the start of the Republican hate contest of Hillary=====OH how they hated that uppity woman for coming to the HOUSE and dare telling them anything

Elizabeth Warren----the Universities are in bed with the banks--let's put a target on them too!

I fully believe that the colleges and Universities' are complicit in the student debt turmoil. They have only been encouraged to take advantage of the students. In the construction industry a builder will build as long as he is financed. It seems like the education world has become so enamored with themselves that they are doing the same. So much of the proceeds go to departments that have nothing to do with education---like sports and arenas.


Nancy Pelosi: Hillary Clinton Would Be More Prepared For White House Than Obama, Bush-


She also says that Biden is more qualified as well

In Washington's Fiscal Tango, Obama's Lacking A Dance Partner

For our President ---bottom line-- he still needs to identify one of the opposition he can engage-------it has to be frustrating to deal with a mob-----that's what Congress has become

Top White House aides constantly refer to a "civil war" in the Republican Party.

They sometimes use the phrase with near delight, reveling in the tensions that threaten to pull apart the GOP. But for President Obama, the divided opposition creates a major problem: He has neither a partner to cut a deal with nor a high-profile adversary to vilify.


Pollster Rasmussen criticizes Republican discourse

He is still in the Karl Rove dream and can't accept the fact that Romney lost-----he says Obama won because the economy was so good--------NO RASMUSSEN ---Obama won because HE was GOOD-----in spite of a very bad economy inherited from the like of you


North Carolina Students Will Get Free Copies of Banned ‘Invisible Man’ -

How great ----North Carolina is like Hitler's Germany on this issue-----we don't need to burn the book---just take it out of the curriculum


Rivals Rally upon Iranian President's return---Our President on the world stage again

Barack Obama out in front again-----and for those who think Hillary will bomb Iran ---maybe not so much


Obama, the Angry Black President?…Not Really ---Just plain BRILLIANT

This is a good article that shows us just how brilliant our President is.

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