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New Haven

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Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Current location: Connecticut
Member since: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 10:27 AM
Number of posts: 934

About Me

A child of the 60\\\'s, a lifelong Democrat and a sense that our elected officials , especially the President, set the tone of civility in our great country. I worked on JFK\\\'s campaign and on Barack Obama\\\'s (twice). High School Class of 1963 I was moved by MLK\\\'s march on Washington, and to see that go full circle and have Mr. Obama for President is quite gratifying. When I see remnants of the John Birch society still quite active in the Tea Party it strengthens my beliefs and support of the Democratic Party.

Journal Archives

‘I Alone Can Fix It’

Source: The Atlantic

Has any American political leader claimed so directly to embody the nation, to speak for it, to be its sole hope for redemption?

In 1968, Richard Nixon spoke of a nation torn apart by crime at home, and by wars abroad. But, he promised, better days were ahead. “Without God's help and your help, we will surely fail; but with God's help and your help, we shall surely succeed.”

Read more: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/07/trump-rnc-speech-alone-fix-it/492557/

No mention of God in his acceptance speech, but heck, if you think you're God you don't need to.

What does Cruz' performance and Jerry Lee Lewis have in common?

Bill Clinton is memorizing Melania's speech

He is going to try to use it verbatim as his first spouse speech


Source: Winning Democrats

Trey Gowdy is somewhat of a Clinton obsessed freak. That’s a quality, of course, that the GOP would absolutely require of the person they’ve chosen to lead years of witch hunts with the objective of keeping her from getting elected.

It’s important to watch this video to the end, where Comey puts Gowdy, the Entire GOP and Bernie or Bust millennials in their place with the truth:

Read more: http://winningdemocrats.com/clinton-obsessed-trey-gowdy-just-got-owned-by-fbi-director-comey-so-bad-he-was-speechless-video/

the end of the video really puts Gowdy and the rest of the GOP in their place

Creationists say theme park’s caged dinosaurs will prove Bible story about Noah’s Ark

Source: Raw Story

Creationist Ken Ham has spent $101 million, with help from taxpayer subsidies, to build a replica of the ark mentioned in the biblical story of Noah. However, the Bible never said anything about the dinosaur cages that the ark will be outfitted with.

The Los Angeles Times, who got a tour Tuesday, reports that Ham said the massive ark, based on the Biblical tale of Noah who receives an end-of-the-world prophecy from God about a massive flood, “will stand as proof that the stories of the Bible are true.”

Inside the ark are cages with replicas of animals, as well as Noah and his family, and their pet dinosaurs. Ham and his organization believe that God created the world and everything in it approximately 6,000 years ago. That means, 6,000 years ago God made man and dinosaurs so that they could cohabitate, but Noah’s flood wiped them all out.

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/2016/07/creationists-say-theme-parks-caged-dinosaurs-will-prove-bible-story-about-noahs-ark/comments/#disqus

I am just begging and hoping that Bill Nye---the Science Guy--- will ask one simple question. Tell me about the removal of animal excrement from the Ark. I have a link below that indicates elephants defecate up to 20 times a day.


Republican women organize to support Clinton

Source: CNN Politics

Huddled around a corner table during happy hour at the swanky St. Regis Hotel bar in downtown Washington, five young Republicans busily brainstormed how they could help Hillary Clinton become the next president of the United States.

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/02/politics/republican-women-organize-to-support-clinton/?iid=ob_lockedrail_bottomlarge

In July of 2013 I posted comments saying that Republican women would come out to support HRC. Well here is a good start.

Algal blooms closes South Florida beaches

Source: WJHG News Channel 7

Alisa Coe with EarthJustice says the slime could be a threat to the public.

"It can be green or blue. It smells, it can cause respiratory problems, it can contain toxins that are harmful for animals and people," Coe said.

EarthJustice is worried that the state could be setting itself up for problems at more beaches with a proposed rule change. The Department of Agriculture may no longer require fertilizer sale reporting.

"We know that sewage, fertilizer, and manure pollution trigger algae outbreaks like what we are seeing down in South Florida," Coe said

Read more: http://www.wjhg.com/content/news/Algal-blooms-closes-South-Florida-beaches-385179041.html

Outdoor recreation is what Florida is all about. Many of the beach and waterway opportunities will diminish if the other parts of the State think that fertilizers are more important. Regulations on fertilizer use are lacking. The economic impact of the 4th of July weekend disaster could help the overall condition.

Republican Governor Scott seems to be unwilling to confront this.

The Why--Hillary in 2016---a post from July of 2013---I think it holds the record for views

here is the original thread ---


Of course I dd not know that Bernie Sanders would make a run for the nomination. I don't look at politics from the viewpoint of being a "fan". If that were the case I would have supported Elizabeth Warren. I rather look at politics from a pragmatic point of view and really think that the wealthy could probably live with HRC ---thus vote for her. I am not so sure about the GE working for a Bernie or an Elizabeth. Nader was nadir.

The team that she will assemble in 2016 is just about unbeatable. First of all, heading it up is her husband Bill who really showed how likable and powerful he was at the 2012 Democratic Convention. There was no headliner at the Republican convention that came close to him. The Clinton's are seasoned politicians and know exactly how to run a campaign. There was a lot of talk about surrogates in the last election, how each of them hit an integral segment of the voting populace and the assembly for 2016 is awesome. Barack and Michele Obama owe the Clinton's a lot. They, and their entire team, will be on hand to support them. They have made great inroads to the Latino vote and most immigrants, not to mention their GOTV efforts in the black community. They alone are an extremely powerful entity that will be backing the Clinton's.

The women vote coming from the entire country will be overwhelmingly for Hillary. In this election Republican women will vote for Hillary more than they have ever voted for a Democratic candidate. First of all, it is an empowering act to make sure that a woman is finally elected President in this country. Second of all the Republican “war on women” is very real to Republican women and the extreme right scares them. Any reader here knows what I am talking about. And Hillary is white, Republican women found it hard to vote for a black man, but Hillary doesn’t have that in her profile.

Her posture as a world figure trumps all of the other candidates that the Republicans can muster. She has made a lot of friends around the world that are long and strong.

Finally, she is smarter than all of them put together. I am such a supporter of her that I don’t want to talk about her ruthless side----she will win this one!

When we look at the horrible mess and message that is coming from the Republican side we need a landslide vote for her, and Congress. With the current Republican House and filibustering Senate we need to get our country back on a good track.
Posted by Always Randy | Sun Jul 14, 2013, 02:47 PM (574 replies)

Drag Queens could do a Drag In in North Carolina

Just what would happen if a concerted effort by drag queens to use the men's room in the State Capital? It certainly would garner significant press and expose the absurdity of the gender law. Drag queens make conservatives very uncomfortable and if it happened enough I think they would run back to the legislature and repeal the bill. I know this sounds silly but I certainly would like to hear your comments.

If your front porch is on fire --maybe better to postpone adding on that family room

In my 70 years I have not seen a more "clear and present" danger than Donald Trump. Real estate people I know would liken this to your front porch being on fire. As a Bernie supporter--except for my vote---I think putting Bernie in the GE against Trump is like adding the family room while the front porch is burning.

Nate Silver seems to be "Jimmie the Greek " on the prediction here and I am fearful of a divided Democratic Party will be a massive risk to our country.

Here's a 538 piece that presents it pretty well.

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