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JoeOtterbein's Journal
JoeOtterbein's Journal
November 16, 2020

My Unfortunate Encounter with a MAGA COVID19-SARS2 Survivor

The doctor wanted blood work so she sent me up to the local medical lab. I first saw him ahead of me, another slightly older white guy, at the door looking at his phone and wearing a "support the police shirt".

Still looking at his phone he motions its ok to pass him.

I go in and he follows sitting next to a woman he seemed to know in the waiting area and started to chat her up.

At this point he pulls his mask down below his nose and tells her the story about him having short-breathing etc. and that the doctor sent him to the hospital because he was positive for Covid. Complaining like hell that they isolated him. After telling her, and all of us in the waiting room about more symptoms he suffered for over a week in the hospital, he made his conclusion.

He said it was, "no worse than the flu."

At that point I was staring at both of them with my jaw down to the floor. Then the receptionist called my name.

So I tell the kind woman who is taking my blood about him and she shook her head adding, "we are so stupid". I knew immediately what she meant by the "we..". Because we live in a dead red PA county where people think wearing a mask is a result of a moral failure to unseat our great Gov. Tom Wolf and our cool Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

Around here, "Impeach Wolf" lawn-signs are as common as Trump signs that are still, even now, standing next to since added "Stop the Steal" signs.

The lab worker said people come in "all the time" wearing a mask, only to have them "pull it down" to talk. She said they, "don't understand they are breathing it towards us".

I had to agree and added, shaking my own head, "we are so stupid".

November 2, 2020

'If Pennsylvania goes, so will go the country'


Trump and Biden are both betting big on Pennsylvania, spending the final days of their campaigns crisscrossing the state.


11/01/2020 05:44 PM EST

Updated: 11/01/2020 06:11 PM EST

PHILADELPHIA — Pennsylvania has emerged as the keystone state of the entire race for the White House.

In the last three days of the presidential election, the campaigns of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have made the swing state their home, with Pennsylvania surfacing as the president’s new top focus, his aides said.

Trump spent Saturday crisscrossing the state from the Delaware Valley to fracking country to north central Pennsylvania to stage four rallies. He’ll return for a stop in the northeast on the eve of the election. Biden sees Pennsylvania as so important that he is spending the final day of the 2020 campaign here, barnstorming “all four corners of the state” with his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, and their spouses, staff said.

“We are the Keystone State,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “It’s clear from an Electoral College perspective, if you look at the map from last cycle, just how pivotal Pennsylvania is. At the end of the day, I think if Pennsylvania goes, so will go the country.”


more important news at link

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