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Profile Information

Name: Joe Otterbein
Gender: Male
Hometown: DelMarVa & PA (heading to PNW soon!)
Home country: United States
Current location: York County, PA
Member since: Sun Oct 28, 2012, 09:54 AM
Number of posts: 7,553

About Me

Certified in Comprehensive Food Safety (CCFS) and Certified Professional - Food Safety (CP-FS) by National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)

Journal Archives

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway Lies About AOC and Ilhan Omar Literally As She Praises Collins Apology for S


By Tommy Christopher Jan 11th, 2020, 3:44 pm

Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway smeared Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) even as she was congratulating Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) for similarly smearing Democrats as loving terrorists.

Earlier this week, Collins said that Democrats are “in love with terrorists,” then defended the comments to Fox News before finally apologizing on Twitter.

Conway gaggled with reporters in the Brady briefing room Friday, and was asked about the potential for a change in “tone” represented by Collins’ apology. In the midst of a lengthy answer lauding her own efforts at elevating the tone, Conway slammed AOC and Rep. Omar by falsely claiming one of them had apologized to the Iranian people for the attack that killed Qasem Soleimani, and called their group “The Squad That Doesn’t Do Squat” as part of her tone-elevating effort.

“We had members of Congress earlier this week apologizing to the Iranian people, on behalf of America,” Conway claimed.

“Who? Can you name them?” asked Breakfast Media correspondent Andrew Feinberg.

“Yeah, what’s her name, was it AOC or Omar who did that?” Conway asked to a staffer, and added “Someone from the squad that doesn’t do squat, I’m pretty sure it was AOC, in a tweet, somebody said ‘Oh 52% of us believe a different way.”


Video and more Kellyanne kooky talk at link

Also, I still think AOC is smarter than 99% of the men, and a 100% of the Repubs in DC!

CNN's Joe Lockhart Argues Media Isn't Taking Bernie Sanders Seriously: 'Hard Floor of Supporters'


By Connor Mannion Jan 11th, 2020, 7:01 pm

CNN commentator Joe Lockhart told S.E. Cupp on her show that he doesn’t think the media is seriously considering how Sen. Bernie Sanders could run away with the nomination.

“There’s real shades of 2016,” Lockhart said. “I’m gonna get flamed on Twitter tonight … but the media early on did not take Trump seriously. So they didn’t vet him and say, does your plan add up? And you know what about your plan on Iran and getting out?”

“Up until now, the media has not taken Bernie Sanders that seriously,” he continued.

“He would say the same thing,” Cupp interjected.

“And he’s been right,” Lockhart agreed.


more at link

Bernie is on a roll!

It's Biden vs. Bernie as war bursts into presidential race


The Democratic primary could come down to a simple question: Do voters want Biden’s promise of a steady hand, or Bernie’s revolutionary zeal?


01/10/2020 05:08 AM EST

Last Saturday in Iowa, the day after an American MQ-9 Reaper dropped its ordnance on Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad, Joe Biden moved quickly to make himself the face of Democratic opposition to Trump’s drone strike. It was early evening at a Des Moines elementary school gymnasium, and despite the dip in temperature and the long lines to get inside, a larger and more engaged audience than the ones he attracted over the summer and fall was waiting for the former vice president.

It was a white-collar crowd—Des Moines-area lawyers and insurance industry professionals and a smattering of D.C. Obama veterans now in town to help Biden in the homestretch. The top lawyer at ICE under the last administration was there, and told me it was the first time he’d ever canvassed Iowa for a candidate.

ran had heightened the stakes. “#WWIII” was trending online and predictions of an all-out war were commonplace. Trump might now benefit from the halo that glows atop all wartime leaders, at least for a time. And the importance of the outcome of the Democratic primary—to say nothing of the country and the world— had suddenly ballooned. Would voters want an experienced hand whose position on world affairs is basically, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing” (Biden) or would they gravitate toward someone like Bernie Sanders, whose ringing calls to get the U.S. out of Middle East quagmires have the benefit of clarity, but make many a D.C. foreign-policy hand queasy? The answer may help determine who wins over the Democratic base, and perhaps the country, come November.

While waiting for Biden that evening in Des Moines, one of the pre-program speakers led the crowd in singing “God Bless America.” When he arrived, Biden the candidate still winked and shot finger guns at well-wishers and hugged them afterwards, but it was Biden the commander-in-chief that his advisers wanted on display. The former veep pilloried what he viewed as Trump’s recklessness and called for congressional authorization of any further military engagement with Iran. His aides began planning a major speech on the issue in New York for the following Tuesday.


more at link

Elizabeth Warren's surprising closing argument


A candidate known for battling Bernie Sanders for the hearts of progressives is pitching her electability in the weeks leading up to Iowa.


01/09/2020 08:06 PM EST

Elizabeth Warren is often portrayed in media as a figure of the left-wing, locked in a battle with Bernie Sanders for the progressive base of the party. In fact, polling frequently shows she's the second choice not just of Sanders voters, but of Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg supporters, too.

Seeking a spark heading into the Iowa caucuses, Warren and her allies are making a surprising closing argument: That she’s best positioned to unite and excite the party — and is therefore the most electable.

It’s the first time Warren’s orbit has made the electability pitch so overtly. But the campaign has been quietly implementing that strategy since 2018, when Warren raised or donated $11 million to Democratic candidates and began drawing subtle distinctions with Sanders (She described herself as a "capitalist to my bones,” in contrast to Sanders preference for democratic socialism). Warren has also mostly abstained from attacking other Democrats in an attempt not to alienate supporters of other candidates. Her campaign staff reflects the approach, with a mix of officials from Sanders, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton’s past campaigns.

“She has gone above and beyond to convince establishment types that she is a team player and a Democrat,” said Ian Sams, the former national press secretary for Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign. “I don’t think they see her as a left-wing extremist, and they respect her seriousness and policy chops.”


more at link
Posted by JoeOtterbein | Thu Jan 9, 2020, 09:37 PM (5 replies)

Bernie emerges as growing threat to Biden


The former veep is more concerned about Sanders than he lets on.


01/09/2020 05:08 AM EST

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — When Bernie Sanders attacked Joe Biden recently, the former vice president dismissed his former Senate colleague with a contemptuous brush-off.

“You guys expect me to take Bernie’s comments seriously? Come on,” Biden told reporters as he left an Iowa campaign event last week. “I don’t respond to Bernie’s ridiculous comments.”

But that’s Biden’s public posture.

Both in tactics and rhetoric, there are growing signs he takes his rival very seriously — and that he increasingly views Sanders as his most formidable opponent in Iowa and beyond.

The Biden campaign has specifically courted the endorsement of community leaders in Iowa who backed Sanders in 2016. They’ve sought to combat Sanders’ recent habit of rolling out star surrogates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with their own A-list surrogates. And last week, Biden’s five-day Iowa bus tour heavily concentrated on the eastern part of the state — the biggest regional battleground between the two candidates because of its concentration of working-class voters.


more at link

This is Why Bernie will Beat Trump like Many Hammers on Many Piano Strings!

Day after day we see proof right here on DU from a very unlikely source; Dems who are solidly against Bernie.

Almost everyone of us on DU have proclaimed, like me to vote for whoever wins our Primary. But many of us who oppose Bernie will often post positive support from non-Dems about what they like about Bernie.

This is a great thing for Bernie. Not a bad thing.

It's hard for most of us political junkies, like myself, to imagine that most people don't care or even hear what we think about any of our candidates. What they do hear is when say, a former supporter of Trump, or even worse to some a Jill Stein supporter, proclaim they like Bernie or Joe or whoever.

Night after night I read posts here on DU extolling some actress or other Bernie supporter who vocally voted for someone other than a Dem in 2016.

Thanks all! This is why I know Sen. Sanders will be our 46th POTUS!!!!

Now, please have fun today and tomorrow my dear Dem friends. Because I know I will!!!!!!!!

Trump more distrusted than Putin, Xi: poll


Only 29 percent of people worldwide are confident in US president to do the right thing.

By LAURENZ GEHRKE 1/8/20, 8:58 PM CET Updated 1/8/20, 9:03 PM CET
Donald Trump is more distrusted worldwide than Russian President Vladimir Putin or China’s Xi Jinping, according to a new poll.

The survey of people in more than 30 countries by Pew Research Center showed the U.S. president had the most negative ratings out of five world leaders when participants were asked whether they trusted them to do the right thing in world affairs.

Sixty-four percent said they had no confidence in Trump, compared with 57 percent for Putin and 43 percent for Xi. Just 29 percent had confidence in Trump.

“As has been the case throughout his presidency, U.S. President Donald Trump receives largely negative reviews from publics around the world,” the report said.


more at link
Posted by JoeOtterbein | Wed Jan 8, 2020, 05:04 PM (0 replies)

Trump is clearly snorting something...

...that he loves the taste of. Likely cocaine.

Any other possibilities?
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