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politicaljunkie41910's Journal
politicaljunkie41910's Journal
March 26, 2014

According to Supreme Court Justice Roberts, yesterday in the Hobby Lobby case

It doesn't matter that the for-profit Corporations like Hobby Lobby religious beliefs may in fact be WRONG about some forms of Birth Control, they only have to BELIEVE that what they "think" or "feel" is correct. If the mandate is overturned based on this type of lunacy, this would be one of the biggest miscarriage of justice in my lifetime.

After all, we already know that these people don't believe in science. They probably still believe that babies come from Storks or by the immaculate conception.

What other areas of case law has been based on "Feelings" and "Beliefs" which are totally personal in nature and unsupported by the facts? I can think of none.

When the police officer pulls me over and writes me out a ticket for speeding, can I go into court and say "Your Honor, I don't "Believe" I was speeding or I don't "Feel" that I was speeding.

If I'm a member of a jury and the medical examiner testifies that the cause of death was A, can I argue in the jury room that as a Christian, I "believe" that the cause of death is actually B.

Jeeeze. Obama Deranged Syndrome is going to be the death of this nation.

March 26, 2014

Are you listening Democratic member of both Houses of Congress


Democratic House and Senate members had better take this and run with it. They need to start running ads with this type of stuff NOW. They can't afford to wait until two months before the 2014 election, because the Koch Brothers lies will have already taken hold and be set in stone.

Americans may finally be coming around on ObamaCare. No, for real this time. With only days to go before the end-of-month deadline to obtain health insurance or face a fine, a new poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that Republican calls to overturn the law may be wearing thin. In the survey, only 18 percent of respondents favored repealing the law wholesale, while 11 percent supported repealing it and replacing it with a Republican alternative. Combined, that's a paltry 29 percent who wanted to repeal the law in some form. Meanwhile, 49 percent wanted to keep and improve the law, while another 10 percent said it was good as is — good for a total of 59 percent.

Moreover, the repeal/don't repeal split has grown even more in favor of Democrats since last year. Back in October, 37 percent supported repeal, while 47 percent did not. And importantly for Democrats as they stare down a potentially disastrous election year, the survey found that Americans are warming up to the health-care law now that it has taken hold.

All of which is to say: Republicans might need to find a new issue to flog if they want to maintain their election edge all the way to November.

- - Jon Terbush 4 3 4
March 11, 2014

Top 10 miserable states to live in are predominately Red states and in the heart of the Bible Belt


The survey is the result of a Well-Being index and surveys residents responses regarding their daily livelihood, health, ability to support themselves and outlook for the next five years and rankings in such categories as:

Well Being
Life Expectency
Pct. Obese
Median household income
Pct with high school diplomas

10. Louisiana
9. Oklahoma
8. Missouri
7. Tennessee
6. Arkansas
5. Ohio
4. Alabama
3. Mississippi
2. Kentucky
1. West Virginia

I'm sure if you polled them, and based on the GOP's priorities, the reason these people are amongst the worst off is because of:

Passage of Obamacare
Dems promotion of long term unemployment benefits
Dems trying to advance an increase in the minimum wage
The Dept of Education
Abortion on demand
Gay Marriage
March 7, 2014

I think the Dems need to get tough with their electorate about what is at stake in 2014

should the GOP take control of both houses. This is not your George W. Bush's "Compassionate Conservatism" we're talking about here. This is your " you're on your own", pull the rug out from under the safety net brand of conservatism. Thom Tillis a favorite for Senator for North Carolina doesn't believe that there should be a minimum wage at all.


Dems should lay it out for their constituents on what they can expect. Full repeal of the ACA. Harsh limits on Unemployment Compensation, and the Food Stamp program. Privitization of Social Security. Redistricting on Steroids, as if that is were possible. More legislation drawn up by ALEC and the Koch Brothers. Fracking on steroids. More Keystone Pipelines, traversing our plains on their way to the gulf coast with their refined oil to be shipped out of this country. No more Planned Parenthood funding, and no more right to choose even if the mother's life is at stake. People who take their current rights for granted need to know what they can expect once these people gain unbridled control of both houses of Congress. Barack Obama is the only thing that has kept us out of putting troops on the ground in Egypt, Syria, permanently entranced in Afghanistan, and if John McCain had his way, on the Ukrainian border.

March 7, 2014

So John McCain just told Andrea Mitchell that he doesn't see a military option

for Ukraine and Crimea and that he thinks that "... sanctions could really have a serious affect on the Kleptocrats and Oligarchs who are part of Putin's power struggle" What the heck???? What kind of feckless foreign policy is that?

He did suggest that we conduct some military exercises in the Baltic Sea with some of the Baltic nations. So I guess he's suggesting that drawing your gun, when you have no intention of pulling the trigger, and Putin knows you're not going to pull the trigger will have Putin quacking in his boots.

Now that's what I call a feckless foreign policy, John. I'm scared for Putin. NOT

March 7, 2014

So the Morning Joe crew were all fawning over the fact the Cruz was able to speak for 18 minutes

without a teleprompter. Oyyyyy!!!!

Ad libbing bullshit comes easy for most people. Most bullshitters I know can go at it for 18 minutes or longer, if permitted to. Cruz is no exception. Talking facts to an audience who is well informed; now that takes effort.

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