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politicaljunkie41910's Journal
politicaljunkie41910's Journal
January 23, 2014

Top 10 States with the worst Schools

10. Oklahoma
9. Michigan
8. South Dakota
7. South Carolina
6. Alaska
5. Alabama
4. West Virginia
3. New Mexico
2. Louisiana
1. Mississippi


Well I'm sure that will change when those states get some Republicans running them. Hmmmm!!!! 9 of the 10 states are run by Republicans and have been for some time now. Who would have thought it?!?!?!?!

January 21, 2014

Joe S. this morning on Morning Joe discussing income inequality sounded like President Obama

I didn't see where anyone else had brought this up today, although I did see the other Morning Joe conversation about the Christie mess. But I was astonished to hear Joe S. bashing millionnaires and billionnaires in this country who don't pay their fair share of taxes and those who hide their money offshore. He said those who hide their money offshore should take it and get the heck out of here. He then said that every Republican group he talks to thinks that its wrong for millionaires and billionaires to pay 14-17% in taxes while their secretary pays 30%. He then corrected himself and said, except when he's in a room full of hedgefund managers.

I wondered aloud, "who does Joe S. think he is Barack Obama? Warren Buffet? " Funny I don't remember him having the President's back during the last campaign when the President was talking about this very issue. As a matter of fact, they accused the President of trying to divide the country.

Mark Halprin made the comment that if Mike Huckabee decides to run for president in 2016, he will run on this issue.

Joe's diatribe begins at the 4:30 mark on this video.


January 18, 2014

Christie (may be) hoisted on his own petard? How ironic.

So the man (Christie) who spearheaded the faux government corruption scheme in 2005 which snared so many NJ Democratic politicians in its net and catapulted Christie into the Governor's office, may be guilty of the same corrupt activity; using his office to do the bidding for wealthy developers and the well connected.

I am so glad that Steve Kornacki took the time to lay out the full case pertaining to the NJ corruption sting prosecutions in the US Attorney's office in NJ which began under Christie and was taken over by another US Attorney Michele Brown who Christie just happened to have made a personal loan of $46,000 to as he was leaving the US Attorney's Office. I had caught bits and pieces of the reporting over the past week but Steve laid out all the pieces to the puzzle, connected all the dots, wrapped up with a nice bow on it.

Dawn Zimmerman was completely creditable in her appearance on Up with Kornacki this morning and it will be poetic justice when she succeeds Christie as Governor of NJ when he is forced to resign in the coming months. You can't make this sh!t up.


January 8, 2014

Robert Gates, former Sec of Defense, new book trashes Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton. Who knew?

His Republican Party bona fides are shining through. I guess that's what happens when you try to be bipartisian in your Cabinet choices.

So is Mr. Gates planning for a presidential run in 2016, or is it that he just wants to sell books. He's guaranteed a best seller since the rightwingnuts will eat this up.

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