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This: " We need to do more in this country. There is child slavery here, too. "

It's horrific anywhere, but damn...

Sex Trafficking of Americans: The Girls Next Door


Even as celebrity activists such as Emma Thompson, Demi Moore, and Mira Sorvino raise awareness about commercial sex trafficking, survivor Rachel Lloyd publishes her memoir Girls Like Us, and the Senate introduces a new bipartisan bill for victim support, the problem proliferates across continents, in casinos, on streets, and directly into your mobile device. And, as Amy Fine Collins shows, human trafficking is much closer to home than you think; victims, younger than ever, are just as likely to be the homegrown American girl next door as illegally imported foreigners. Having gained access to victims, law-enforcement officials, and a convicted trafficker, Collins follows a major case that put to the test the federal government’s Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

A 13 year old for $500...

Continued (page 3 of 8)

Then, one day in December 2003, at a sleazy motor inn on the Berlin Turnpike—an 11.2-mile time-warp stretch of asphalt, lined on either side with at least 37 other no-tell motels—Paris remitted Forbes $1,200, and the girls, court documents show, were his. Buying girls like livestock is not unusual. Cheryl, a gems girl, at about 14 was sold by one pimp, “Love,” to another pimp, “Junior,” for $600. The New York City Police detective Wayne Taylor—convicted in July 2008 for the attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old—purchased his thrall for $500 from a Brooklyn “pimp partner.” In fact, the price for an adolescent female slave is far lower than it was in the mid–19th century, when, adjusted to today’s dollar, the going rate was roughly $40,000, the price of a car.

What a nightmare...

Today's Republicans are not the ones I read about in school...


The Environment?

1.) National Parks

Abraham Lincoln in 1864 signed legislation deeding Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Big Tree Grove to California for public enjoyment and recreation.

2.) National Forests

Benjamin Harrison signed into law the 1890 Forest Reserve Act

3.) The Antiquities Act

In 1906, a Republican Congress passed legislation to stop looting of historically significant artifacts on public lands. The law authorized the president to establish national monuments to protect "objects of historic or scientific interest."

Theodore Roosevelt signed the bill into law.,establishing monuments protecting Devils Tower, the Grand Canyon, Mount Lassen and others.

4.) The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt established 155 national forests, two-thirds of the present system, five national parks, 18 national monuments and 55 bird and game preserves, the cornerstones of our national wildlife refuge system.

5.) The Presidency of Richard Nixon

1970 Nixon signed into law the National Environmental Policy Act. Six weeks later, he put a sweeping legislative program of clean air and water, waste reduction and open space acquisition before Congress. Six months later, Nixon established EPA. Nixon signed the Clean Air Act into law.

Civil Rights?

1.) Hello... Lincoln?

2.) The 1964 Civil Rights Act

80% of Republicans in the House and Senate voted for the bill. Minority Leader Republican Everett Dirksen led the fight to end the filibuster. Meanwhile, Democrats such as Richard Russell of Georgia and Strom Thurmond of South Carolina tried as hard as they could to sustain a filibuster.

Health Care?

Nixon and Ford both had plans for a universal insurance which would be affordable and have its prices regulated by the government.

Can anyone imagine this current crop of Republicans doing any of this? When I got out of High School I registered as a Republican, since then I've learned that you can not get anywhere by always looking at "what was."

When the Republicans actively sought to denounce governing and enshrined themselves in "Trickle Down Economics" it became quite clear that the Republican Party was no longer what it once was. It took me a while to realize that I could not Hope that Republicans would Change back into what they once were. I was done with them years ago.

President Obama allowed me to finally remove the rose colored hue that my history schoolbooks had put on my glasses. And at first, I did not like him because of that. But after watching all the vile bitterness that was spit out at him and his calm cool demeanor in letting that dreck just fall away, he made me realize that he was a very strong leader. He is a lot stronger than I could ever be. This guy, he just takes it all in stride and never stops moving forward.

I was proud to vote for him. I am glad that he is our President. I Hope he has the strength to overcome what the Republicans have put in our way towards progress. I want my President to succeed. I know that when he does he will lift our country up and forward into the next century. But I think he needs our help. Americans everywhere need to speak their truth and raise their voices. We as a nation must act. We must tell our elected representatives what it is that we want.

Contact Congress and let them know that we stand with President Barack Obama.


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