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sanatanadharma's Journal
sanatanadharma's Journal
November 21, 2022

Love me some "stone soup"

In the village, under the shade tree, three sadhus sat around a small fire boiling water in a pot.
Villagers watched as each sadhu unwrapped a small packet revealing a smooth stone, perfectly palm sized and, like any good worry stone, polished to a shine.

The sadhus had no worries. They placed the three stones in the pot.
When asked what they were doing, they replied, "Making stone soup" and sat silently, simply stirring.
Word spread and more astonished visitors gathered to watch.

One sadhu said, "You know, an onion would be a great addition, considering the heat."
Said another, "Yes, and turmeric and sal ..." but the third interrupted with, "Remember the potatoes in the previous village?"
The sadhus sat and stirred and villagers came and went home and returned, and long after the sadhus left, everyone agreed it was the best 'stone soup' they'd ever had.

July 30, 2022

Waking or sleeping, worlds come and go, but I remain

When I am asleep, I am conscious-being aware of the dream ideas.
When I am awake, I am conscious-being aware of world ideas.
Awake or asleep, I am simply conscious-being observing mind-thoughts.

Asleep I create worlds that disappear when I wake.
The awake world also disappears, when we fall asleep.
Worlds come and go; conscious-being is constant.

July 27, 2022

I enjoyed the concept production

A continuing-conscious-identity, existing with all the knowledge, memory, impressions of previous adventures -
- is suddenly the conscious-center of a different existence.

It is as though he woke each week into an unscripted, improvisational role that he was (as though) karmic-ly destined to play out, gathering experience and knowledge, until the denouement of this life-story.
To be reborn next week, again and again.

Almost like we all are, infants born center-stage, the star of our life, and having no idea what is going on.

July 24, 2022

Math: The language of measuring

One might say that the entire manifest Universe is the sum of infinite little bits.
Indeed, the search for 'what-is-it?' continuously finds smaller and smaller 'little bits'; it is a quantum mystery.
Odd that in the search for some 'unified field theory', one 'little bit' (un-measurable and formless) is essentially ignored.
The consciousness of the searcher, the consciousness of the knower of little bits, the wielder of the math that reveals that the outcome is not accurately measured when consciousness is ignored.
Non-negatable 'consciousness' is the integral unified-field by which the measure of all little bits is known.

June 3, 2022

Oh, the cognitive dissonance

Oh, so sad is the life of one living, trapped in the cognitive-dissonance-delusion that must exist in those who, for the sake of a self-identity, deny any awareness of right and wrong, selfishness and sanity, commandments, God and one's own Mom*.

This is mental-imbalance manifest in elevating the wardrobe of many colors** above the wearer of the wrappers.
So many self-help books on the shelves show that so many are unhappy in their selves and seek succor. Can't help the self if you do not know what the self is.

* I will use this word as a simple stand-in for 'having learned any sense of self-morality' as opposed to self-mortality.
** body, gender, nationality, state, ethnicity, religion, employment, age, status, hobbies, desires, confusions, illusions- all the possible answers to the question, "Who are you?"

April 4, 2022

Old Sheldon, The Petulant Philosopher"

There was an episode wherein young Sheldon was challenged by a philosophy teacher. I see that as the take off point for a new show, The "Alternative Sheldon"

Sheldon pursues philosophy, becomes a professor, an ethicist; for elder Sheldon, that is perfect because no one wants to talk ethics and philosophers are never invited to parties. However, because the answers to life's questions, as in physics, continue to elude, Sheldon becomes jaded.

The same big questions can be pursued, like "what the hell is consciousness anyway"? and "do we need Gods to be good?"
Some of the first show's tropes, characters, places could be used, like Sheldon renting a flat from Penny and Leonard.
Eastern and western philosophies might clash with a new, more alpha maharaj, the swami-acharya of the yoga center on the ground floor.
And of course the answers to the ancient questions of mind and matter will certainly be found, in next week's episode.

Old Sheldon, The Petulant Philosopher"
If any of you know those, who know how to run with idea, go for it.
But take care running because ideas, like scissors, can stab one.

December 5, 2021

Cremated and ashes scattered upon the waters

Thus I can (as though) travel on the clouds, relax in the rains, run as the rivers, vacation as waves at the seashore, watering the world, being reborn as every living thing.

So tip back a glass of pure cool tasteless water and remember me as the flow, not the show.

November 20, 2021

People are pre-divided, identity-desires precede seeing any scene, sad or superb

People are pre-divided by identity-desires that precede judging any scene seen.

There are those whose belief-behavior-boorishness shows they are karmic-ally devolving*
Others' karmas (actions) show the progress of humanity in individuals desiring inclusion and peace.

* A trajectory of desires, actions, results, and responses (more action) that continues resulting in unpleasant, unwanted circumstances from which there seems to be no escape.

Two lifestyle choices
Desire-action-results-unwanted-anger-lashing out-increasing frustration-delusion
Desire-action-results-unwanted-acceptance-redirection-increasing success-delight

November 5, 2021

Thinking things through was the message of the ancient Sanskrit Upanishads

The problem of short sighted (and short-sited)* thinking is not new.
People act in desire of some results.

These results may be just what we expected (wanted, hoped); cross the road, catch the bus to work.
They may be even better; cross the road and a passing friend gives you a ride.
They certainly can be worse and unwanted; cross road, bus never comes, you get fired for lateness.
Or, they may be totally disconnected, unexpected and un-thought; you fall into a sinkhole and never get across the road.

The results of actions can be seen; they may also be unseen. Wants motivate our acts. Results are of two kinds; desired and undesired.
Thus we bounce and ricochet off the rails of "oops!" and "Did I do that?
Perhaps if humans successfully saw through all thoughts, we would all stop stupid** activities.

*Think selfishness, situated in personal desires
** Think useless

September 8, 2021

Not disagreeing, pointing out "ignorance' equals 'ignoring'

When the truth is out there, continued 'ignorance' equals 'ignoring' that which is there to be known.

The "why?" is that they are ignorant of the nature of their self and the human condition of being part and parcel of the whole, in-separately connected with the totality. Personal desires are mistaken as the summum bonum in warped worlds.

It is the false understanding of "self" that underlies the ability to ignore other selves as unworthy.
It is the false understanding of self that births selfishness and the motivational need to NEVER be wrong.
They know what they are doing but ignore the harm they do.

Too many exist in ignorance of dharma, right path, ethics, morality and kindergarten sharing.
Having been taught right from wrong, they continue ignoring the results of wrong actions while believing only they are deserving.

One who correctly understands "self' is capable of humility and change and thus is not attached to the tatters of worn-out beliefs. Such ones willingly redress the self in other than the 'emperor's new clothes.

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