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No Vested Interest

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Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 15, 2012, 02:46 PM
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Pope Francis' Prayer Intention September 2019

Protecting Our Oceans-
That politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world's seas and oceans.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Sat Aug 31, 2019, 06:28 PM (2 replies)

Surely she was obligated to sign a "confidentiality" agreement...

That's the reason she was "separated", isn't it?

I understand and appreciate your sarcasm...
Posted by No Vested Interest | Fri Aug 30, 2019, 02:41 AM (0 replies)

Jr. and I imagine his troupe will be in Covington KY for a reception this evening

hosted by Bill Butler, a large contractor as well as a supporter of Governor Bevin of KY.
Ms. Guilfoyle was not mentioned in the article on Cincinnati.com, though I suppose she'll be part of the entourage.

(Can't imagine how she can stand to be constantly in the company of Donald Jr., but to each her own. Remember, she was previously married to Governor Newsom of California.)

As for Donald, Jr., I wouldn't cross the street the see him.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Thu Aug 29, 2019, 06:20 PM (0 replies)

Happy Birthday, virgogal!!

I thought I had the "oldest" title wrapped up, but you've got about 15 months head start on me.
Stay up until midnight and enjoy your birthday to the fullest!
Posted by No Vested Interest | Tue Aug 27, 2019, 06:49 PM (0 replies)

I heard the number "40,000" for the Inuit people in Greenland.

That's roughly 70% of the population.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Thu Aug 22, 2019, 03:17 PM (0 replies)

This interview with Stephen Colbert will be rebroadcast on CNN Sunday evening, IIRC.

Very moving.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Sat Aug 17, 2019, 06:16 PM (0 replies)

You do know that the baby's parents were both killed/murdered in the mass killing, don't you?

The baby was brought to 45's photo op by an uncle, who is a fan of you-know-who/45
Posted by No Vested Interest | Sat Aug 10, 2019, 02:42 PM (1 replies)

Online solitaire - want it free and without spam following.

The other evening I was in the mood to play a few games of solitaire online.
Used google and found one that I thought would fill my need.
The solitaire games were fine, but the next few days my e-mailbox was full of spam ads - "enlargement" and all that junk.

Can anyone recommend a site where I can just play a few simple games of solitaire without being inundated with spam ads?
Posted by No Vested Interest | Mon Aug 5, 2019, 03:30 AM (5 replies)

We were not permitted to go to large swimming pools where the public

congregated because of the fear of polio.

Also, re swimming pools, do you remember having to walk through foot rinsing water thing before entering the swimming pool? I believe it was to combat athlete's foot.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Thu Aug 1, 2019, 01:56 PM (0 replies)
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