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No Vested Interest

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Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 15, 2012, 02:46 PM
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There is a relatively new group called "Working Poor" under the

Economy & Education forum. They are more discussing their situations, not necessarily seeking assistance, but they may be able to point you to what you are looking for.

Posted by No Vested Interest | Sun Dec 27, 2015, 03:40 AM (0 replies)

Gov. Bevin has also cancelled all advertising for Kynect, Kentucky's healthcare program,

though enrollment for 2016 does not close until Jan. 31.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Thu Dec 24, 2015, 02:41 AM (0 replies)

The author, Maureen Orth, was interviewed on PBS by Al Hunt this evening. nt

Posted by No Vested Interest | Wed Dec 23, 2015, 02:08 AM (0 replies)

A car about a long block from me has a Ben Carson sticker-

I can't pass it without thinking -

"What is that person thinking?" or
"What kind of person would put a Ben Carson sticker on his/her car?"

My neighborhood is highly Republican, but I would have thought most would be more mainstream or "Establishment".
Posted by No Vested Interest | Tue Dec 22, 2015, 04:41 PM (0 replies)

In the last week or so, I have rejected jury service several times.

I was formerly willing to serve on juries, and thought they were a fair enough means of settling some issues.

However, lately, with the infighting on DU, especially in the Primaries forum, but also elsewhere, I've opted to not be a part of that discussion or the juries that have resulted.

Frankly, I consider the arguing among primary partisans petty and immature and want no part of it.
It reminds me of young children arguing, and I've served my time as arbiter of those disagreements and want no more of it.

So, yes, Stuart, I've noticed the increase in requests for jury service as well.

Interesting side note - about a month or 6 weeks ago, it came to my attention that someone had marked my profile unwilling to serve on jury service. That had never been my intent, so I reversed that. I have no idea how that reversal occurred and am not going to belabor it, but, trust me, it happened.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Mon Dec 21, 2015, 02:51 PM (0 replies)

I have great respect for Jimmy Carter. Spouse and I visited his

Sunday school class in the late 90's. Spouse was using a walker, so we were seated up front.
As is well known of Jimmy and Rosalyn, they posed for photos with each one who wanted after the service.
The photos have a place of honor on my mantle.

Posted by No Vested Interest | Mon Dec 21, 2015, 03:36 AM (1 replies)

Beginning with day 50 of the hostages' captivity, Walter Cronkite nightly ended his broadcast with

"and that's the way it is - day (insert number) of the capitivity of American hostages".

This daily reminder of the humiliation continued - in prime time, as the evening news was in the 1970's- until day 444, when the hostages were released immediately after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as US president.

Since Cronkite was a fatherly figure, welcomed into Americans' homes each weekday evening, his statement had a profound effect, intended or unintended, of reflecting poorly on President Jimmy Carter.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Mon Dec 21, 2015, 03:22 AM (1 replies)

Walter Cronkite, most respected newsman at the time, drove home

the fact that American hostages were still being held every evening, as he closed his newscasts with:

"100th ( or the appropriate daily count} day Americans are being held hostage " etc.

The daily drumbeat was devastating to Carter's election plans.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Sun Dec 20, 2015, 07:45 PM (1 replies)

Different styles - I like them both for different reasons. nt

Posted by No Vested Interest | Wed Dec 16, 2015, 07:31 PM (1 replies)

It will be a comfort to her to have you there, especially to help with the wee ones.

She will be upset, naturally, angry, and probably hurting, though perhaps not acknowledging the hurt.
I think one feels especially vulnerable when alone with two babies - so much responsibility and only so many hours, and needing rest and sleep.
If she 'orders' and 'blames' her husband, you're likely to feel a little of that as well.

Best to listen a lot, zip your lip more than you'd like to, and give time to and enjoy the bablies.

I sincerely hope A and husband get back together sooner rather than later.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Wed Dec 16, 2015, 03:16 AM (1 replies)
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