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Gender: Female
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Member since: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 8,951

About Me

Always a Democrat. I can't understand conservatives. I try to understand them, but I can't. They don't make sense. Our country has gone so far right since 1981. I was just an average American who took many Democratic values for granted when Reagan was elected. It was like the rug was pulled out from under our society. Reagan ruined our country.

Journal Archives

To lighten the mood: McCain-Graham Tear Up Talking About Their Friendship


Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) choked up during a CNN town hall on Wednesday when host Dana Bash asked about their well-known friendship.

The two senators are known as a duo throughout Washington for both their focus on foreign policy issues and their close relationship.

“He is loyal to his friends. He loves his country. And if he has to stand up to his party for his country, so be it. He would die for his country. I love him to death,” Graham said, wiping away a tear.

(I wonder if anyone on DU watched that town hall. I was actually gonna watch it, then I heard that MSNBC was doing a special, so I switched the channel)

House GOP defeats resolution requesting Trump-Russia documents

Source: Politico - By Kyle Cheney 02/28/17 06:56 PM

Congressional Republicans killed a Democratic measure Tuesday to pressure the Trump administration to turn over documents detailing President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, as well as conflicts of interest stemming from his business empire.

The measure, known as a “resolution of inquiry,” was defeated on an 18-16 party-line vote. The resolution would have requested that the Department of Justice provide Congress with “any document, record, memo, correspondence or other communication” related to “criminal or counterintelligence investigations” involving Trump or his White House staff.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) called the resolution “unnecessary, premature” and driven by politics. Instead, he said Republican members of the committee are drafting a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions requesting his voluntary cooperation in any investigation related to Russia and Trump’s business conflicts — with Democrats encouraged to sign on.


“This is just about politics and the hyperbole is thick enough to cut with a knife,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz, a Florida freshman Republican. “In fact, what we are witnessing is that President Trump’s detractors are going through the stages of grief because Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/trump-russia-house-republicans-235515

More bad news...House Judiciary Committee

House GOP defeats resolution requesting Trump-Russia documents


The measure, known as a “resolution of inquiry,” was defeated on an 18-16 party-line vote. The resolution would have requested that the Department of Justice provide Congress with “any document, record, memo, correspondence or other communication” related to “criminal or counterintelligence investigations” involving Trump or his White House staff.

Time to boycott Leinenkugel's

The retired head of the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co. is joining President Donald Trump’s administration as an adviser on veterans issues.

The Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed Tuesday that Jake Leinenkugel had accepted a position as a senior White House adviser at the VA.

Leinenkugel served as a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and is the father of two veterans. His brother, Dick, says the job will allow Jake Leinenkugel to make an impact on those who served their country.



Who would ever think beer would be on a boycott list?

Did Trump get his 20 plane military flyover?

My TV viewing for tomorrow: Rebel Without a Cause - it's on TCM on Demand

I've never seen this movie and have always wanted to see it.

National Enquirer - Drumming up the Trump-Putin Alliance

Making it sound like a good thing.


OMG - History Channel - Nixon 1968 - Paris Peace Talks

I'm watching a documentary on History Channel, of all places. The documentary is entitled Transition of Power. They are talking about how Richard Nixon abused classified information when he was a presidential candidate. They are playing declassified recordings of how Richard Nixon interfered with the ongoing Paris peace talks.

They have got Johnson on tape with talking with Dirksen. Johnson found out that Nixon was trying to sabotage the peace talks from a wiretap in the South Vietnamese Embassy in Washington DC.

I have read about this on DU, butt haven't read about it or seen it in the MSM. The information about Nixon was declassified in 2008.

I wonder when the 1980 election will become delassified?
I know darn well that Reagan interfered with the hostage situation.

Extremely helpful post found in GD

By Pacifist Patriot
It took less than five minutes of my day


I had been overwhelmed and struggling to call my R senators about Trump. I didn't know how to express my feelings in a concise manner. (Too much worry going on in my head) Pacifist Patriot made it easy.

NPR: How Trump Waged an Under the Radar Ground Game

In a nutshell, Trump did have ground game:

PARSCALE: Yeah.You know, all modeling and almost all polling's based off of a previous expectation of voter turnout, that somehow it's going to look like before. We'll pool asked questions, then we're going to know what's going to happen in the future. The problem is, if the same people don't show up, then all that means nothing. So we created models that look in all different directions.

And by the week of, I knew that the Rust Belt was going to be the more easy one to win, so I was moving targeted money around.

And this is the advantage of - I didn't have to go get 12 steps of approval. I had to get one from Mr. Trump. And we can move whole budget around from mail, phones, TV, digital - everything - within a couple of hours. And so I think that ended up paying in the end. I mean, I think you see that - how we won Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan. If I would have waited one more day, maybe that had the effect of the, you know, 100,000 votes.


PARSCALE: Well mainly, at the end, it was all GOTV.

MARTIN: All get out the vote.

PARSCALE: And partnership with the RNC, yeah. So...

MARTIN: It's interesting because the campaign was lambasted for not having field offices, which is kind of the traditional structure of a get-out-the-vote campaign.

PARSCALE: Yeah, I've always thought that's ridiculous. Most people don't understand what the RNC ground game is. The same people, the same volunteers, the same leadership going into the '14 midterms were in place for '16. So when you turn them back on, they don't have to rebuild all those relationships. They don't have to redo everything. On top of that, they automated the door-knocking program, which was a huge step forward, where the Democrats are still scanning pieces of paper trying to get a database.

MARTIN: What does that mean when you say automate the door-knocking program?

PARSCALE: So if you had an app on your iPhone or Android, you could go knock doors. And when you knock that door, you push a button on your iPhone - you talked and communicated with this person. It would immediately send back to our database, so now we know we don't have to communicate with that person in another method, where Democrats still use pieces of paper that have to be scanned in and then databased later. So they weren't getting real-time information on their door-knocking program. That's a huge advantage for us into our ground game.



I thought this article was interesting. I also heard that some of the computers in Hillary's campaign were attacked by the same bug that attacked DU which caused problems with the database. Hence there was redundancy with calling. I know I went over my 4 paragraph limit, but I found the info useful.
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