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sheshe2's Journal
sheshe2's Journal
September 29, 2017

The Country chokes up as a president ignores her people in Puerto Rico.

US citizens ignored for a week while he tweeted away in a feud with the NFL. Supplies sit on the docks undistributed. Where is the Army, where is the Navy mr president? Where is your support? Your first comments after trashing NFL players was to trash Puerto Rico for their deficient, you did this when they are starving and dying from lack of medicine and water. Half the Country has little food and water. Ninety percent no electricity. Sure, you can make it for awhile without much food yet water, you only have a few days. Caption on CNN tonight...the WH is confident that the supplies will arrive on time. Bully for you asshole, it is already to late for many. I watched a short video that said the US CITIZENS IN PUERTO RICO are using trash bags as body bags for their loved ones. You are far to late mr president. Wow, mr fucking president you finally decided to act after someone finally told you that they are US Citizens and not just like those brown Mexicans that are just murderers and rapists...your words not mine.

This is not just your Katrina, this is genocide.

We know you are an egotistical ass, unbalanced, soulless and ignorant. You do your supporters proud. The rest of the sane knows exactly who you are.

May you and yours roast in hell mr president. You have put us through ours...it is your time

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