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Member since: Sat Oct 13, 2012, 08:33 PM
Number of posts: 80,841

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Love you Bains!

Who needs that many houses?

I advocate her wealth be redistributed as well. She supports Bernie. She gets what she wishes for.



Brava and Bravo.

These two are the adults in the room.

They were in a very heated primary. Obama won and Hillary lost. Yet they went on to develop respect and admiration of each other. She had his back during the General election. He made her SOS. If they could forgive, who are we to say different? They both carried themselves with a dignity and grace some may never know in their lifetime. This is the type of leader I wish to see in the White House.

I have seen many people here try to drive a wedge between them. I have seen pictures said to come from Hillary with Obama in native garb. I find it kind of amusing that some of these posters are the ones that trashed Obama for the last 7 years, now here they are taking his back in such a way as to trash Hillary.

No, the adults in the room are in the pictures.


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