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Haunting Photos Feature Trumps Sexist Comments Drawn On Womens Bodies *NSFW*


When Donald Trump won the presidential election in November, 18-year-old Aria Watson knew she needed to do something. So, she turned to art.

Watson, a first-year student at Clatsop Community College in Oregon, created a powerful photo series titled “#SignedByTrump” for a final project in a photography class. The images feature some of the sexist comments President-elect Donald Trump has made about women painted on naked women’s bodies.

Trump’s misogynistic comments paired with these women’s naked bodies serves as a powerful commentary on the damaging effect his words have had ― and will continue to have ― on so many women.

Watson told The Huffington Post she decided to mix her political opinions with her photography because she felt so strongly about Trump and Hillary Clinton. “I never really cared for or understood politics, but this year was different,” she said. “As a feminist, when I saw that Donald Trump actually won, my heart shattered.”


Watson explained why it’s important we continue to call out Trump’s sexism. “Kids are going to grow up and look up to this man for the next four years,” Watson said. “We can’t have a leader who says such horrible things about women. I’m scared that the way he speaks about women ― this sexism and misogyny ― will end up becoming a social norm.”

More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/haunting-photos-feature-trumps-sexist-comments-drawn-on-womens-bodies_us_584ef639e4b0bd9c3dfddf27?section=us_women


PLEASE. much more at the link.

I have to ask you.

Does the GOP and their incredibly filthy rich masters have a method to their madness, or are they just insane, narcissistic, megalomaniacs? Screwing the poor, the Vets, the minorities, the elderly, the infirm, the children, hell they don't need Cialis anymore, they screw us all and have a restful nights sleep. Their miniscule dicks are so proud of themselves!

Their minds are so fucked up with their incessant need to dominate that they do not think anything through. It is about now, MONEY MONEY MONEY POWER DOMINATION, I AM A MAN, our future has become bleak because of them all.

Let's think this through a bit. They are going to rip healthcare from us by destroying ACA. Twenty to THIRTY MILLION PEOPLE uninsured. Those that will probably die in the next year will be 45K. Then they are going after Medicare, a life line for seniors and taken away, we will die. Then, sad so many did not pay attention. SS. For some of us that is all we have. WE will die. Fact.

So. Going a step further here. Thousands uninsured, where the hell are they going to go when they are sick? Emergency Rooms will be overwhelmed. Some hospitals will treat you if you are uninsured, others deny treatment. Fact. The bodies will be stacking up and the hospitals that treat the uninsured will be going out of business left and right. You do realize the middle class will pick up the tab in taxes until we ourselves join the ranks of the dead and dying.

Bravo, you want us dead, you got your wish. I am rushing out to find a refrigerator box now! I might make it another year or so living under a bridge. You think this is a joke? It is NOT. You think I am kidding? I am NOT.

GOD BLESS FUCKING AMERICA land where we die so the rich can rule.

The music died.

America died.

I have to say.

I have never seen ANYTHING like this before.

I thought tRumps deplorable's were bad as they cheered on an avowed racist, bigoted, sexist man. Voted against their better interests, BECAUSE WHITE or something. So pitiful and scared, you are nothing other than sniveling sorry excuses for human beings. You are so terrified that you will lose your privileged white ass and what you believe to be your superiority, your "Reich" in this world, that you willfully voted him in without a care to the destruction of this earth and it's inhabitants.

Worse yet. A said progressive site after the election cheered Hillary's loss 'cause HILLARY IS NOT WELL LIKED, or something. Cheered it. Can you even imagine that? What type of Democrat would wish harm on another. Cheer the loss of ACA for 20 million? Cheer the loss of SS and Medicare? Cheer that we elected a predator in chief. Cheer that many will die, all minorities are at severe risk now, and they cheered.

You all just can't stand someone different than you and that is an incredibly sorry state you have put all of us in.

The color white is not all it is cracked up to be, it is a cool color. The absence of color it reflects heat where as black absorbs heat and light. I would far prefer to absorb the heat than reflect it.

Wake up. We are in deep shit.


President Obama has been the best thing that happened to this Country in the past, almost eight years now. His approval rating is at an all time high. You would never know that by reading DEMOCRATIC UNDERGROUND. To this day I am reading posts trashing him. Gawd, you people never give up. He has been trashed for years, by the GOP (One term President. You Lie. Ape. Not an American. He does not love this Country. Boy. N***er.) and by people that call themselves Dems here (POSUCS with hundreds and hundreds of RECOMMENDS!)

We are on the cusp of moving out of the light into darkness. We have our fears yet don't know the depths of despair in which we will sink. Under tRump we will lose it all. Our ACA. Medicare. Medicaid. SS. Our Environment. Rights. All. The tRump has declared war on all that are non white men. He has declared open hunting season come 01/20/17. If you are a woman. black. PoC. Jew. LGBTQ. Muslim. aged. different. tread carefully, you have a bulls eye on your back. Stick as close to your friends and family as you can. Watch for abuse around you, help them.

All I said may well be a moot point the psychotic deranged man with his angry puerile 3 am tweets has the nuclear codes. None of us will survive WWIII.

One way or another many people will die. That is a fact.
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