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sheshe2's Journal
sheshe2's Journal
February 17, 2013

Has this ever happened to you? No? Then I am glad.

Violence against Women most often Starts at Home.

As a young child, did you ever sit down to dinner, while your mom and dad were in the middle of a very loud argument. Did you ever sit there and watch your dad backhand your mom so hard that blood spattered across the table. Did you ever stand around the bathroom, with your mom sitting on the toilet seat, and hand her tissues to stop the blood flow. Did you stand there and cry. No? Then I am glad. My sister and brother and I, it happened to us.

That is the only time that I saw my dad hit my mom. However the fights and verbal abuse were the same as a physical blow. It can crush you. They stayed together for 25 years...for the children. I wish they had not.

The ironic part in all this, I had a similar marriage. Most of it was verbal abuse. He made me feel worthless, that I was nothing. I knew that I was not. It was short lived. I left, with scars on my soul from my marriage and my upbringing.

I have never talked about this, not to anyone, ever. I hinted about it. That was it. So you might ask yourself, why now. I started to post something a few times.I wanted to make a point. It was hard.

However after posting thread after thread on VAWA, and watching other similar posts sink and die with so little notice. I felt like someone, that had the air sucked out their body. I wept each time they died unnoticed.

I have said before, that there is not one single person here on DU that does not have at least one Woman in their life. Someone that they care about, someone they want to protect. We can only protect them if we stand for all Women.

Please sign the Violence Against Women Petition:


Originally posted by gateley here:

February 9, 2013

Blizzard 2013...pics from Mass.







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