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It's Time!

That's it! I have had about all I can take, of the utter stupidity and sanctimonious bullshit ,that the right continues to force upon us. The GOP are rapists. They are enablers of the rapist's. They are trying to force another bill on women,The Sanctity of Human Life Act, championed none other than Paul Ryan.

They are forcefully raping us of our rights as women. They are forcefully raping us, with their out dated ideology. They want to give a fertilized egg more rights than they would give a living, breathing woman!

Why do they hate us so! Why?

They violate our rights, as living breathing Human Beings, with these cold blooded malicious attacks. They violated us again when they denied passage of VAWA. I want to weep, when I hear this cold blooded, closed minded ideology of the right.

They have no compassion...their souls are dead.

March, is Women's History Month! It's time to make a stand.

History just seems to keep repeating itself!

The Women's Movement - Our History

"If the first woman God ever made was strong enough to turn the world upside down all alone, together women ought to be able to turn it right side up again." - Sojourner Truth

A brief history of the women's movement.

"Purple is to lavender as woman is to feminist" - Alice Walker

Organized feminism did not really kick off until the first Women's Conference hed in Seneca Falls, America, in 1848. To begin with, the Women's Movement evolved out of social reform groups such as the Abolition of Slavery, the Social Purity and Temperance movements. Women began to realize that in order to transform society they would need their own organizations to do so. They campaigned upon a whole range of issues; from guardianship of infants, property rights, divorce, access to higher education and the medical professions, to equal pay and protective legislation for women workers - many of which women are still campaigning for today!

The Suffragettes

Increasingly, women recognized that campaigning was limited whilst women could not make their voices heard directly. The vote took 70 years to gain. It was not until 1928 that all women - not just those over 30 and of the right property qualifications - could legally vote. Despite arguments that women should accept merely local suffrage, or universal male suffrage, or limited suffrage, the suffragettes persevered. The rise of the Militant suffragettes and the contribution of a mass of women workers during war time pressurized the Government to grant limited suffrage. Now it is debatable as to how much impact the vote has actually had in campaigning for women's rights. But it was a CRUCIAL LANDMARK IN OUR HISTORY.

1940s and 1950s

The war had challenged stereotypes in the workplace and so women began to enter the employment market in much larger numbers. It soon became apparent that some of the burden of family responsibility needed to be shifted onto the state. Together with the trade unions, the women's movement fought hard for a welfare state system which would provide this and act as a safety net for society's most vulnerable. This is perhaps one of the GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE CENTURY.




Kicking Ass!


" And If someone comes at me, I will knock them out!"

Great Video! After last night...this speaks volumes!


..."crush them"! LOL!
Please proceed Mr. President!
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