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Cut to the chase.

Between Adderall-sniffs, the president blamed everyone and everything but said nothing about guns. Nothing about regular citizens having access to military-grade weapons.
Yep, this is happening. The President of the United States is a white supremacist. Full stop.

More: https://www.theroot.com/white-supremacist-president-blames-media-internet-and-1836969130

My take.

Interesting Quote from Trump.

Trump: Mental Illness & Hate Pulls Trigger, Not The Gun.

This quote is running as the header on CNN. Trump is 100% correct. He is the mouth piece, speaking from the highest office we have in the land. Fact is the man is mentally ill and spews vial hatred with his incendiary language. He preaches fear and loathing of all people of color. He fed the fear tossed in the accelerant and the match.
Then he steeped back and laughed in glee as Americans died.

You want to make America MAGA. We already were. We have never been perfect but we most certainly do not want it made over in your hate filled image.You want to stop the racism and hate? The door is over there, walk through it.

I have wept all my tears, for today at least.

Patrick Crusius wore protective ear coverings when he walked into Walmart and slaughtered moms,dads and children shopping for back to school supplies. Slaughtered 20 and wounded 26. I read one was a young mother that was shot and killed trying to shield her TWO MONTH OLD. When she fell with her child in her arms they sustained broken bones and is being treated. Condition unknown. My heart is breaking.

Why the protective ear coverings? Was he afraid to hear the cries of his slaughter or did he not want his gentle ears damaged so he could hear those in prison that for the rest of his life will be coming for him from behind..

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez owes Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids an apology for staffer's tweet

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff sucker punched U.S. Rep. Sharice Davids of Kansas with an indefensible tweet saying she casts votes that “enable a racist system.”

Saikat Chakrabarti’s Twitter attack rightly has prompted a storm of criticism from other Democrats. Many stated the obvious: Even hinting that Davids is racist, or enables racism, is offensive and shockingly misguided.

Ocasio-Cortez, a fellow Democrat who is from New York, should publicly apologize for her staffer’s tweet, and Chakrabarti should consider another line of work.


One down and one to go. Chakrabarti, not just a staffer, Her Chief Of Staff announced in a Friday night news dump that he is stepping down. Now it is AOC's time at bat to apologize for her chief of staff calling a woman of color a racist. The 'Squad' is vocal about racism against them. Will they stand for our second only First Native American woman voted into congress?

Will she and they stand for her? Inquiring minds want to know. If she and the Squad remain silent, it will speak volumes to women of color everywhere.

It is your turn to lead, AOC. Do it!

What a difference a letter makes.

'Too bad!': Trump seizes on Cummings robbery amid Baltimore attacks


Filmmaker Michael Moore Wants America's Favorite Black Woman to Save America From Trump


Michelle Obama is not among the current members of the Wu-Tang Clan vying for office and isn’t expected to be as she’s been very clear that she has no plans of running for the White House.

“Well, has anyone asked her?” Moore said. “If asked to serve, I believe she would serve.”

Umm...Michael, I’m going to need you to listen to Michelle Obama when she speaks. Just because she has what it takes to run the country and because she’s beloved by most of America (this is assuming that at least half of Trump voters don’t care for her) doesn’t mean she wants to. In fact, she said this to Oprah two years ago:


I’m sure Moore’s intentions were good, but it’s important not to continuously expect black women to save America just because they can. They aren’t morally obligated to fix the shit that white men break. What the Obamas gave America was a blueprint for how to handle the office of president with dignity and class and now it’s time for America to build on that legacy.

Read More: https://www.theroot.com/filmmaker-michael-moore-wants-america-s-favorite-black-1836886256

Donald knows all about "shitholes".

He made the White House one when he walked through the door. He built that. A "shithole" and the cesspool runs through it. The sewer rats he appointed wallow and thrive in the filth.

Our House, built by slaves, taken over by a foreign government, to install a white nationalist and wanna be dictator

This White House has an infestation of rats that will take years to clean. Fact is? I am not sure we will ever be able to clean out the stench.

Why the sudden vicious 'dogwhistle' attacks on Cummings?

Here is something to digest:

Wendy Siegelman tells us why the sudden viscious 'dogwhistle' attacks on Cummings.

🔥 Jared Kushner used WhatsApp to do all his dirty deals.
Cummings just secured that right to open those deals.

Re: WhatsApp

*Start Here:

*And Here:


Cummings is sick of his constituent's illegal treatment by slumlord Kushner.

*Then there's this..


Cummings securs the right to look into Jared & Ivanka's WhatsApp, Emails,.. which is the method Jared used to do his billion $$$ Maryland real estate deals via Trump's mobster creditors.

Kinda makes you go, hmmm.


Wendy Siegelman
Independent journalist, published in @Guardian @Buzzfeed - make charts & write about Trump-Russia [email protected]



Trump calls for probe of Obama book deal

Trump calls for probe of Obama book deal
President Trump on Friday lashed out at Democrats over their ongoing investigations into his administration, suggesting there should instead be probes into former President Obama's book deal and other activities under his predecessor.


"It’s a disgrace," he continued. "We want to find out what happened the last Democrat president. Let’s look into Obama the way they’ve looked into me. From day one they’ve looked into everything we’ve done."

"They could look into the book deal that President Obama made. Let’s subpoena all of his records," Trump continued. "Let’s subpoena all of the records having to do with Hillary Clinton and all of the nonsense that went on with Clinton and her foundation and everything else."



OMG. He's melting.

Snort. Sniff. Witch Hunt! They are being so mean to me.

BOOM! The gears are grinding

by Liberal Librarian


Why is this important? Because an impeachment inquiry is a different kettle of fish than regular oversight. Donald Trump and his minions can stall and obfuscate and refuse to respond to subpoenas and tie the process up in the courts. With an official inquiry, that goes out the window. Unless judges want to upend completely our system of governance, Judiciary subpoenas will now be enforced by the courts because they’re part of an impeachment inquiry. This move by chairman Jerry Nadler relates specifically to grand jury records. Those will now be provided to the committee.

In one fell swoop, Democrats have kneecapped the Trump regime. It was always bound to come down to this, because this regime cares nothing for constitutional norms. Now we’ll see if conservative judges do. My guess is that most of them won’t want to go down in infamy.

Strap in, kids. We’re getting there.

Read More: https://www.thepeoplesview.net/main/2019/7/26/boom-the-gears-are-grinding

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