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Member since: Thu Oct 4, 2012, 09:41 AM
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Just asking

If Blacks are 98% for the President and Latinos are almost 70% for the President....Than why do the Polls show that the race is so tight. Do the people that run the Polls every ask Blacks and Latinos who they are voting for...I'm Latino and no one ever asked me.

This reminds me of the Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman fight

Ali let Foreman win the first 7 rounds, Than knock him out in the 8 round after Foreman used up all his strength.....

To SemperEadem

I think that the president wanted to allow the American public to get a good look at Mitt Romney. And what they saw was a over zealous man blindly driven by ambition, so much so that he ran roughshod over the aged moderator. Between Jim Lehrer and President Obama, both displaying the cordiality and graciousness--which befits a presidential debate--however that gave the field to Romney to be fast and loose with his fact-free verbal assault. Many pundits seemed to like that aggression and awarded the win to Romney, but will the American people? That remains to be seen. Personally, I think that it reinforced the opinion that Romney is a loose canon who will easily lead this country into a war.
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